giovedì 22 settembre 2011

Past lives

We had a meeting, strange, as if we knew all along. We are astonished to hear him speak words that they know they already made a speech ... Feelings of instant, as they can not define. The answer in all this is absent ..
We are often in contact with many people, and as such we speak we relate in a social context. We think this is our rapportaci in principle. We have included all of the people around us, or at least we understand what other people have made us understand. Then as it happens, we have a different kind of encounter in our lives because we meet new people. But this meeting immediately develops in us something. Because we have a mind, the first argument is always to think if I had not already met this person years ago. The mind in itself, reason within the limits of our knowledge, and as such, in this case traces back in time to see if this may be true, we have already met this person. This reasoning, dig in the memory until it does not find a wall. What we can remember. In fact what happened many years ago do not always remember him and if he does not remember a thing can be less.At this point if we do not find confirmation in the memory, we have known this person, we are left with a doubt, we can eliminate that difficulty.
Meanwhile, this our new knowledge, which is not necessarily born to an interest, let alone to be a man or a woman, continues. The strange feeling began to take shape, because the words bring more contact with our new acquaintance, the more you show signs that we receive in an emotional and cerebral. We are in fact entered a different kind of contact, without even realizing it. Every little word develops in us these signals, which result in continuing our dialogue feeling more and more accentuated. In us this is a real secret that is revealed little by little, all this live and in all probability our party is completely unaware of this, also because we all have the same degree of sensitivity. We have seen meetings where both people have this feeling of knowing the past.
This is an explanation which we live is not easy, not so much for the description, but because it comes from every frame of mind. In fact, if we examine our mind has traced back the frames of our learning experiences, finding nothing in the memory and thus exposes a doubt, or at least a sense of lack of understanding of the thing.Saying this, we must then consider another form of vision of the thing, which has now been described in many books.

We have had past lives, and we'll have more.
That which in itself seems a theory, is an acknowledgment that these events can be analyzed. The analysis can not be made of diagrams, because it remains a vision that divides, and almost mystical. This is logical to think that every person can Evere a different view. Although the evidence is taken by determining that we have lived other lives, for that matter what would be the correct answer on this? The answer is no large variations, unless you want to avoid strong evidence, that do not provide logical and mindsets.In many beliefs, so if you want to call it, the soul is immortal and the body is half on loan, and as such dies to its normal "maturity" organic. If we believe this is normal to think that in this meeting we have fragments of memory that do these feelings surface. We could define these fractions or fragments of memory, unconscious and poison voluntarily, but this is not the fundamental fact. What remains clear is what we are experiencing at this meeting, where this is certain, we feel that we have already met this person, we have an affinity much higher than normal, we are empathetic and more, in some cases live a true symbiosis. If this is reflected by both and two people, which is rare, the contact takes on an even deeper, where the perception comes not only to the senses, but directly to the soul, feel and interpret the thoughts without words.
We must remember that thought is a very powerful, and that in various experiments showed that telepathy is possible to communicate through it.
As described above, is always clear to those with inner evolution that allows the space in these events, and people do not deny that a priori knowledge if only new experiences. The rest, we can say, will think it's nonsense. In this we can not convince anyone, if they believe differently from us. Basically we must evolve our thinking, and this is a reflection we expand anyway. The belief in past lives and future, is not a consolation for what we are today. Also because the future is always changing and we believe that even if the soul is eternal and has this opportunity, we tend to feel good today. The vision shows only that there are no limits in our lives and as such, it is essential to live a peaceful day, then these events that can lead to show it, are fascinating because they show just how many things we have been through and how we are still all in all present today.
This is the magnificence of life, which has no limits and that it has even definitions, life is ... ...

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