giovedì 29 settembre 2011

The theater of emotions

The body vibrates, in reciting the poetry of love, strong voice, then sweet and melodious.
The actress plays the hate in prose, emphasis in the air, the silence is interrupted only by his voice, verse and movements, to interpret the heartbreaking tale of love at the end.
Steps, one after another, then fall to the ground, the silence in the room .... Love, joy and torture of the chains that bind to one that now is only the end, the words of the verse to swell hearts, tears in reviving, imagination, emotion-. Aspects of life that art can seize life, sets of concentric rings together, including drama and poetry, idyllic atmosphere to penetrate the spectators in disbelief. The theater of emotions always starts with warm hearts.
Second verse, full and vigorous, broken love that woman, and between screams and falls to the ground, now rising on the back straight, feminine dignity, the dignity of the strength of a woman who walks straight and never turn back - Forget the 'spell of what he did blossoming rose, red, like love, the sun dazzles the eyes of that man a liar, petty and small now, walk him and do not turn your words or looks, his gestures, his emptiness is - The public, rock, and unbelieving, play on words and gestures, silence, then applause ..
The theater of emotions, singing the last verse. The woman now standing in the red as her dress, daisies in hand, spinning off the petals, the flower smells, then stops, looks up and smiles, the infinite - the forgiveness of your delusion, door signs, such as flowers truncated sharp scissors, stop the life, I insult with laughter, petal loves me he loves me or not, the game is like life, then everything ends ricomiciar - Standing all, to the applause, the comedians, poets , art lovers who have donated real moments.
The theater of emotions, thank you and the curtain falls, until the next evening, between magic and disicanto, poems and deeds unions.
Art that shows the emotion that lives in us and wants to blow up ...

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