giovedì 29 settembre 2011

Recounted in the night

At night, a friend and confidant, opens the doors of the heart to those who are marginalized the imagination of all people close to him or her, they think they are in the gift of love. Instead, those who think they are that gift, are in the habit of self, individualism and ego.
The "close" to spend words, almost rarefied at times just to say "you've done a good deed", then as so often is just a formal gesture. Others who seem to be more prolific with words to spend, do nothing but inject their false ideal, their experience higher than in the whole people, that in the end just want to love, listen.
The night is sincere in its perpetual and eternal life tells these stories. They will never be the first page, these stories, the sadness in this is paramount. Everything makes sense in our passage through this life and everything could change, but perhaps has triggered a process of survival where many thought only of themselves and this is the evidence. But, remember an old saying: Life is a wheel that turns sooner or later.
Nothing escapes the fate and nothing escapes in the third person who sees what is happening, the impartial man who is a friend of the night.
The night in these tales, full of drama, hardships and pain that's true, makes a gift offers the opportunity to help those who are in this situation, if he does not think this has faults and is caused by others, does not distinguish. She is the night, not the judge.Unconsciously screaming souls that their discomfort with the thought of hope, purity of heart that asks for help and everything sooner or later finds the answer to this call. Maybe not immediately, but it will come. In case you do not miss anything and as such calls should be replied to, small perhaps, but true. Little can be of help, not take away anything to those who give and those who receive even a minute of this is happy. Receives a big difference: he speaks and is listened to and if it gets a true word is unpretentious, without name, without any constraint or projection, and these words have enormous value for those in pain, discomfort etc..
In this parable of real life, we are launching in the pain signals that spirals upward from the top and make sure that aid arrives. Never lose hope, the universe is always listening and not asking anything in return except the truth.
Just a little in life to relieve suffering. If all we understood that in giving support to those who made the gesture we need, for which began the pinnacle of existence, for which we were created: Love.

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