martedì 13 settembre 2011


I am,where,at what time ...I am the wind,earth, nothing ...
I and I alone,I do not remember that now ..
The world is flat, the whole image circle remains, pot where everything is linear, are constant reminders of a life on the line. Total amnesia, which creates the moment when we forget our role, our being, people, feelings, nature, everything.
It always falls into what life wants, the real world is spherical. We gradually become flat in a world that flattens everything. The contact should not change between us and the whole. This only happens if we go once again in the memory of those who at the time decided to say that life was love and respect.Nowadays, forget it. It seems almost involuntary gesture, a real collective amnesia, where everything must be ready, quick and tangible. They say that the modern increase in all, in certain circumstances it is true, if you do not lose the value of life. We see the corners of the world plagued by what for us is a static image, where hunger and war, make it what it is because of a complete failure. We see in the suburbs of the cities where we live, people who are different, which they hope to emigrate only way to salvation. But we do not see really see him for being aloof to everything. It is a simple generalization, and he will say you're not, every person knows the truth about her.
Everything should be a circle sometimes, where they explore with corners there are. This would be the means to understand that what seems far is very close to us. Where there are no corners to hide their eyes closed. This is not a logical or a position, it remains a simple recounting what one sees is present and awake. Amnesia must be a pathological condition only, and not an existential condition, made of purpose for living pretending that all is well.
Every day we can never change the global of what happens, this is to say. It could change ourselves without too many words and this would put a huge lighthouse that illuminates the hope that these conditions are living in the shadows. But now we are motivated only by material interests and life that seems properly cultivated, eventually turns to us, unaware that we think that everything should be a personal experience. We live and we could just take a chance with our change, because if real change is rooted, it becomes the result, which gives rise to a real movement, a mass that provides light at the silent life.So far it seems very unlikely to happen, but like all things must have a margin of hope, where clinging. The world is our duty and our pleasure to live and leave a legacy for future generations. This would be the intent that the human being would, but until all live in this fake amnesia, where we forget it is a comfortable sofa where to sit to watch without saying a word and move a cell, it will remain just a thought .
Everything will never be generalized in this context and the result is just a form of remembrance, a time that is past. Remains a contemporary open eyes to see what happens around us, and if we moved to a divine spark, we can prove to be one of many in their small try to do something about what today is a real highlight. In this there are no prizes, accolades, none of this. There is only a deep inner life that brings light to what we see where we are witnesses, and at the same time we can just be ourselves in the truth that does not pose some conditions, but only love and a thought for those who will come after us to live on this planet .

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