venerdì 20 maggio 2011

Absolute truth

We are always under siege, every day we deal with everyone, we think of ourselves and fill our ego pursuing the ideals that we believe will give us a status of elected members in the society that stifles the emotions on display, interact with others is becoming an all scream for us to listen, nobody wants to be left behind, no one gives up its say, it is not wrong to say who we are and what we think, there is a way of comuninare that focuses on common sense, just from the concept that absolute truth does not it is always possible, no one is divine, all heard a change that sell processed in the community where the truth must emerge must be able to listen, reflect and empathize with the individual that we are listening, the only way to dialogue is to achieve the respect for the opinions of others, and try once in your life to empathize with the other person, this leads to a true dialogue is not a clash of opinions, where the strongest and weakest right wrong, there are many opportunities to be exploited for try it once to understand the truth of others, we believe that we aware of our “if”, if we want to enlarge it, those who can not fill in this and scream or talk with a thousand words that seem to saturate the air is the second me a weak, unwilling to accept the truth of others, abandons his ego and has no true knowledge of himself and of his means, no one prevents them from people who know how to make judgments as if they were gurus, to improve and become humble in talking about opening his soul to the thoughts of others, would see a truth made of disjointed opinions and not made an “I” who want to appear powerful, as always this is my thought.
Thought that allows me to interact in harmony with all, to listen and not make judgments, I am no one to judge, I can at most give my opinion, but I see in everyday life, people always ready to do the against and claim to have, according to the absolute truth in their pocket, at most I think have a great desire to project their fears and their desires in a speech, repetitive screaming, so as not to admit the wrong that accompanies them, I do not I say this because I have the absolute truth in my pocket because I know I say this with humility Ascoli other words.
Dedicated to those who make judgments on the other makes it an art form, and does not realize that the first trial must do so themselves if they are not afraid of the result will come out.
by consapevolezzadellanima

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