venerdì 20 maggio 2011

I’ll tell the world

I’ll tell the world, piano and voice, I will not make noise, to get me out ..
The point is infinite, the space that my remains, in my words to say. The world does notrespond, would have too much to tell, too many people to be comforted; instill who am Ito ask to be heard, a voice of words as all, as a nobody, a blade of grass in the field, anote a song.
I’ll be there in my underwear, in your secret confidant, which is perhaps even my wordscosts, again for a reason, never thrown, for an award, do not try, words to make it clearthat there’s different ’, I I will tell the world.
Simplicity of a day of emotion words, words of sorrow, a song that I expose to the world,that limit does not scare, if you understand your heart, true essence, will and expression,in my corner, I will tell the world, He will not say anything, but the play of words is inwriting, not answers, silly thought, it may seem, I say humble in my stay.
Who am I, to give non-judgmental, always and only, words to tell, in a world thatincreasingly wants to hear.
by consapevolezzadellanima

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