giovedì 19 maggio 2011

Thoughts in the night

Many others will never understand, why can not see beyond the wall of oneself, it is night and everything is amplified inside me, I do not sense things that do not want to understand, give meaning to what I want to become.
Being yourself is bad, in the presence of fools, who do not see that their way of being, but then thought and thought, you know that the difference is not strange, but unique, you think your writing is outside your being single but not absolute. Looking for answers you already know, just a few questions to those posed to you, it creates doubt, but you do not have any, you know who you are and what you want …
We talk about respect, then hides behind the questions, about love and you think back to sex, but it is not so, there is a word that stands out:
Except, perhaps rare, but still exists, everyone has a position in life, every position is noble if done with humility of mind and leads to the excellence of the soul, not many roles that now I understand. Sometimes you do not need to explain to someone who is already deaf in principle and can not hear his words, are the facts that stand out. There are those who lose the way I lost him, but then I found, in me and I just went back in the game, against everything and everyone, everyone is only comments and allusions, to understand your research because, research unnecessary permeate into false ideas.
Who today has the courage to write and speak and give people not looking, but found, this is my thought.
Rediscover the meaning of life in people’s emotions, not in flattery living a moment, I say this for simple reasons, life begets life itself. Vision should not be shared, must be respected.
One thing stays on, in my mind the night that you founded, awareness of the soul is not a random name, I did not choose the name of my blog, it was always clear to me that it would be that, now I write in the also my night to say, understood as a vision, I think universal.
Thinking that you can not change, thinking that lights my way, thought of to be or not be no more then a simple thought to say:
If you give you will be happy in life, time will restore to you what you sow in the garden of happiness, you will not see differences between women and men, because your thinking is yours is asexual, you’ll hear the purity of life in this and you will be your turn happy, happy to do what you feel without ever more dependent on the thoughts of others, without ever giving an explanation, you’re free to live your life now.
DEDICATED to myself and the people who really understood the meaning of life, which is called friendship and solidarity and brotherly love.
by consapevolezzadellanima blog

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