lunedì 30 maggio 2011


All around us, and wants to tell, who better than us can understand this, we are and what we are showing that the human eye, eyes that are observed in the total indifference ...
Screw that run alternative charge, as far as we dream, the coming to the realization of them is to touch the infinite, without preporsi relate to the mental limits, is that success is achieved, nothing stops the positive thinking, the conscious soul el 'humility, three elements that lead to the vision of light, hope that is not there'. Many speak of this, different names for a single thought. They understood the human center of balance, reached the milestone of the mind in the belief that universal love is the only way, the limits are removed and the infinite within us, everything seems better, unless it is a boundary .

-Only in us is born this achievement, we are part of this and we can be the center of life energy -
The relationship with the infinite, "is way more of our research staff, the infinite that is in us", a phrase may appear ambiguous, but if we relate to ourselves we remain within the limits of ourselves.
The infinite, does not end body and the ground, everything is and will remain with us always, difficult to say what will be after that we will not be here, but believe in a universal message and positive increases in us the vision, reduces the fears and absences that life offers us.
Then many will say their thoughts on the matter, it is fair, but the substance must then be applied to the life we ​​lead, then a reflection on the door to turn the mind toward a different perspective, the 'approach that is different experiences that one can make, private and not stretched to the free publicity, is not evidence that the interest they show the appearance, is a being and not being, is to feel the flow that leads to true freedom and Eden in a fire.
Too much time you spend asking questions that have no answers, and think and rethink plausible solutions, only effort and hard work remains, then obviously this is not entirely applicable to the western lifestyle that we live in, but it can become an important part for a better life. The mind is always under the constant pressure of the things that surround us, events, words, work, etc.. etc.. At this point a person always puts the questions, the projections that desire places us always arrive at this point to complicate our lives, we are and we are stressed, limited to a narrow vision that does not bring that much to be desired, but not always get, sometimes letting go and live in harmony what happens, means less fatigue, the acceptance is becoming more aware, this is my personal way of seeing things, which led me to live in a tiny space that is not the limit, see all the little things, is infinite and has no limit, this flow is that words can reach into the hearts and move a sentiment that has no definition, if not infinite.
Then, I do not want to tie those sentences from the great personalities of our millennium, it is commonplace to say what others only think about removing the words, this is my concept, and I apply that as an unexpected spring in February, has given rise to beautiful roses , anything can happen if the desire is pure, unobstructed by illuminating a reading or indoctrinated, certainly those who wrote certain books that I have started reading sees life in a similar way, and expresses its maximum that should be read, are wonder in a world that increasingly cancels the human being, in its most spiritual, thinking instead that we are an endless source of resources and that we can relate without malice or compromise, or be enslaved by anything, happens only if in us is the soul and heart to determine our feelings, there are obstacles in these notes, the rest remains a draw too many opportunities, which lead to the instincts of antagonism, membership, etc.. The ego becomes the master and servants we are unaware of all his will, which limits the reactions always give to causes that may stem, simply see themselves in and follow your heart, which is not the limit, but it is pure, where everything is wonderful.
Remains reasonably assumed that not all share this, but it remains true that one is free to expose his small vision that so far, led him to feel free and aware of what he feels, that vision without cultivating more "standardized "that life was put in place, this is not a denial that one is done, is an alternative," and I decided not to fly to do "everything in its way requires something that is personal and easy to understand what will.
I just think I see my infinity, we are the forgotten fruits matured, those who were once the party and the happiness of a nothing, a real paradise, which was not expected at the end of our time, but it was in newspaper every day, fruits that have matured in the neutral mind, achieving a sense that life had denied me, this neutrality is to cultivate a meditative mind, which is between negative and positive, and flows in a balance that is not affected by what one thinks and says, I remain humble, and always describe as a personal gift of thought stated that those who want to read it.

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