sabato 21 maggio 2011

The abyss of the soul

The abyss is alive in us, in all ..
"Fear is the limit of man and his salvation, remains static does not accept the thought that this is the free will to decide themselves, who we are and what we do, the goals are before us, watching what deep devotes life to us who are perfect in the land .. "
The soul is exalted view of the projection that we will be driving on the road, you will not see what all the words, the essence of intimate words never screams.
The emptiness of the mind leads to decipher codes broken down into moments of life when everything is against us and fall of the abyss, cone spiral that is not matter, is not tangible, but has a fictional form, we tend to emerge in the fall, only instincts instincts of survival that leads to always take the path to the top of the surface, where everything was simple and dictated by habit, but if this sink is endless, nothing can spiral into the soul that calls for change, the fate also gives this beautiful or not, this happens.
There are moments, switching from happiness to the abyss of inner pain, and is often without the knowledge of the mind has no bottom end, the decision is what is in this thought, soul, heart, everything and nothing remains, stay away. Each decides how to rise to a situation of distress, no one decides for you, no words that I say you'll be fine, all vehicles have a think, but in us remains to decide whether or not to get out of the abyss.
Instinctive logic leads one to think that if we sink us into a cone, the best way is re-emerging to the surface of the imagination that we have it, as usual nothing changes, but this is not always the case we are sometimes too low and we only see a light dim. The dark scare puts words, questions, questions to which answers are not, remains the only sensible question and that once I made: - And if I went down to touch what I do not know, what would happen? -. Today I say that the best decision I made was that, do not try what I do not check the area and not return to what I was, I bent my head into the abyss of the soul and let the know to go and hear what fears of the unknown that were thought to reverse the call as everyone wants! I describe it as a cone, (spiral), which has no walls and footings, a fund without end, which is infinite, as knowledge is no limit! A real mental rotation of 180 °, with my face toward the darkness did not know what was concealed, hard to erase the moment of fear in doing so, but only so I knew who I was, everything was clear in the darkness, there were lights, there was word and hands to comfort me, I was alone with myself, totally immersed in myself, I have included a 'one thing, that the cone surface appearance that I was me, a feeling that a life not belong to me, seeing and being that I was not a mask! "Now I am nothing, but I am just myself, that inner peace is my heart open to the world and universal love, free viewing geometries shrink, no walls, walls, anything, everything is flux."
The abyss of the soul is not fear, not pain, it is understood and remains our most intimate and subtle essence, this is as always, my soul's journey, personal, intimate, I'm not the example, are not in the absolute truth, I'm not that words that tell, the 'experience of, and exhibited simply the path is like a mountain, his ascent has made me appreciate the effort that I walked quietly and humbly, that the absence of oxygen gave me the thought that in addition to the fear of the moment, there is' strength, the will that I could keep calm and everything was easy in the end, made me realize that the top is not an end, but oscillation between a fall and a fall, where the soul must be greater than the false message that gives the ego and where the heart is the strength of that support, like a mantra in mind that cancels the painful thought giving serenity, get off the mountaingave me the humility of a late arrival who did not, if the order had not kindled the desire for challenge and would return migliorasi static, comfortable, and everything would return again.
The cone contains the wonderful imagination of the mind in a dark, highlights an acceptance, a letting it flow, shows that the fears are taken of the chest, and processed at the exact moment that they fall in the weaknesses, eliminated. This is not about a high but a vision that has given me my life and I carry as I lived, I give it for what it is, I would not mine to affix other words to describe the abyss of the soul, I hear and see this as I have described, then each of us sees and hears what he wants to implement, is looking to end the freedom of expression and thought. And 'everything ... or nothing, I do not answer leave free thought into this ...

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