venerdì 20 maggio 2011

the man who would like to …

Everything has changed, everything changes, we walk in the middle of a road without end, enormous trees do not move the sun, it is cold, the wind has kept his eyes closed, and the mind is absorbed, full of ideals that we believe are all, then keep going more and more cold and absorbed, they pass the hours and the concentration is always about what we do, the mind is filled solid ego that we think we have the value in what we do, only the results obtained, only praise, then after a day dedicated to prove who we are, begins the second journey to work that change the body, where sweat and talk as if we were heroes in having mountains instead of muscles. The mirror becomes a loyal friend, who tells the truth, that makes us feel imported, all this makes us full of ourselves.
But then when we were confronted with a feeling called love, and his hands toccani our hair and our bodies, we can excite us, but without ever reveal what it explodes inside, our practice is a symptom of Our close to the truth of the expression of a feeling, we expressed only when his hands caress our hair more, now when we think of fall injuries in mourning a lost love, and tells broad shoulders, this gesture for us called the outburst, but the truth that we have a weakness, we do not want to see, but only for a sense of belonging, it is not all like that, but they are few and rare men who know how to communicate with the heart, speak the truth the purity of a mind not misled over and over again from that animal instinct that we sometimes take, there are few men who refuse to be controlled by several centimeters quell’appendice that nature gave us, but now these people who are a rarity to say the women are strong and there too, the year a mind that Climb every mountain, and once even they are put to the test, show a strongly motivated by a calm mind is not pure Forvo from demonstrating, with their know a few words to reassure and protect what they love, but never impose themselves by their words, musical notes of love, which go straight to the heart, surrounding a beauty that time can not change, because the weather will change our bodies but our soul will remain unchanged over time. There are two races in a single sex, it is up to women to decide whether the appearance is more important than the essence, there is no better or worse than men in this respect, it is for those looking for a man the choice, women are the dominatrci of this choice, aware that at times took a huge universe of individuals are not clear what is best for them, but over time each person is a suitable choice, which if done with awareness of the truth they find in them makes them happy ever, otherwise you submit to the search of the man who makes women in every respect, turning the page on that book that we call life between men and women meet.
by consapevolezzadellanima

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