venerdì 20 maggio 2011

I …

Stage, which has no lights, no search and find all .. Words.
I am no more that what you want to see words divided into letters on paper, not an actor in the movie of life, are the words of a renewed life, read between the lines what is not, see sadness or pain but all this does not belong to me.
I have my free soul who wanders into emotions, I do not have anything, that my words, see what you want and tell me what you feel, I’ll stay to hear, words in letters not to tell, you expose yourself and can not find solutions, but outbursts in the soul free. I do not see what you want, but I see what you are looking for you in the words of others, looking for mirrors and you do not see that in words that you find yourself, your life, who will return with sacrifice and humility, you will see your way, as I found myself mine.
Thoughts into words make me get out of the darkness, no applause … I’m trying to express that I am free from schemes and fiction.
I do not sell illusions, and have the rest of the time, a trend that I tried and I found new life, nothing remains of the past to give a smile, you are looking for and can not find one at the bottom you already .. All or nothing you say, chance of a medal to be launched and to accept fate.
One day is a day and nothing will change. I expose myself but I do not see the dangers, the fears of the past have fought nobody and nothing will change my world.
Simple world of nothing, that does not belong to me, everything else just give her without asking anything ever wonder which you do not believe .. you see, you understand.
Do not argue, they deserve it, I am what I am, words written in paper, emotions exhibited against the current …
In my opinion, only one word chasing my soul, be happy doing what I want, without trying anything, all I had already left and are humble ..
Gone are the days, but I will be the same, in letters to make words .. I will do anything to stay.
by consapevolezzadellanima

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