venerdì 20 maggio 2011

And the world began again

We had made great achievements in medicine and technology, it was said that the ancient writings from the world would end in 2012, today we are still here 2020.
Too many promises were made in those years intrcorsero today, world hunger, curing diseases like cancer and AIDS, something went on other things were just words. Now the conquest of space had no secrets and the conquest of Mars seemed a distant memory, we went over.
For many years, peace between peoples seemed a done deal, there was talk of disarmament, nuclear power was only a source of energy, many years of progress saw before everything began to change. The findings were even more important, advanced technologies put men in a virtual way, everything seemed wonderful, a clean world had become less and less under the thumb of the elements that pollute the atmosphere, the air was pure and new forests to grow back recommenced lush, the animals were endangered populated again.
Everything seemed perfect, then the universal desire for power and domination began to be a given, I immediately resumed the old quarrels of the past, now in my mind were just memories and the egoism of some became increasingly dominant and beautiful things made in those years began to be put aside.
The ego of some predominated become an impetus, the ‘greed and selfishness they began to voice their words, words that grew, until then we became a people without borders and one without conflict. Then in a moment of madness someone pressed the button and start a conflict that brought the seeds in an instant destruction of our planet, which over the years had taken place and lymph, a moment was enough to start the inexorable end, just a few people to do this, but all was not lost, or so we thought … .. A moment of light enveloped us was the end, I found myself thrown into another dimension like a mirage in a new world, where there were no mirrors in buildings and skyscrapers, none of what I had seen was only natural to premordiale state.
My path led me to seek the essential, and in my journey in search of the vital sources I met a woman, beautifull, all seemed to start from scratch, the world seemed to start again, trovammi everything from animals to cover themselves with their fur with fruit to eat, the land was lush and the water pure, BEYOND the place where we were we saw a hill, inside me I was already happy with what I had, the memory of what was still alive inside me.
One day she insisted on going in search of something new, I will comply I left, we came to the hill and on top of it a wonderful tree, shining, with drooping branches and bright with red fruit hung, an irresistible desire to take them assaulted me, I had never seen anything like it was something not descivibile, in his majesty the Aber emanated a sense of life, but I decided I was careless to take a fruit from its branches.
Stretching out his hand for that red fruit all went out again and whispered a sound inside of me.
Even last night’s dream has stayed with me, the recurring dream, the dream of a better world, made of love and solidarity, where there are no boundaries, where men are all alike in our differences and conflicts are a thing.
by consapevolezzadellanima

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