venerdì 27 maggio 2011

What Women ...

Ancestral Vision is to see the body in its perfection, always queen of the universe, the world does not always see with the eyes of justice and undo a law that since it is written ..
Women who shine like moons, change and nothing stops this movement, men who are looking for domains that do not have time, to live this through the eyes of the soul, is a denial, the story did not end the days of creation. Two were created, two were involved in the same, but that was equal to that time, times past to see an evolution of mind, women remain the same firm and decisive, time does not change their inner beauty, create life, the right that gives their divinity who do not want to see some men.
These stories and have made history, but times have stagnated, the challenges are due to be battles to claim a right universally written in the stars, everything is a development they said, but other times told and no one wanted to see what was obvious.
Great men were great women, history has indelibly marked this in a book. Today's story comes to modernity, everything looks like a perfect balance, but under the pedestal remains submerged, made up of words and praise, it remains below a limit that defines the truth, the man sees less talk of equality and , look like a mammal reproduction, then drowns after intercourse, the differences in thinking, is this limit, which does not take everyone, but that remains to this day evidence veiled.
Read and think who is this story? Just a post to a chronicle of modern art ever, my answer would be spontaneous, an unbearable vision always hear the dialogue in humans, evidence of not knowing oneself, to see evidence that would expose women if only it were true in ' listen, then, as always, this does not belong to everyone, but the herd seems monologue order not to be outdone, mental excuses that are created not to hear words that ferirebbero pride.
Everything would be listening to the equal, if a once stopped a moment to reflect on life, the meaning of things, but perhaps not too difficult, it still remains, I will not say they belong to this or that, I always tell you to listen to the 'heart and soul, to see what women are.
I always make time to mix up the roles of dominance, women who determine their status and look like men, women and men who speak with contempt, only to be smooth and waxing from head down, becomes a desire to look like?
The search for what you are, but want to .. Strange tell watching is the truth of this, inversion begins to show up and how to say, women have a place where the slow revenge of right ought to be asked ...
Remains one and only flaw, if so to speak, manifest in the extreme, the femininity require that the eye sees, but in the end I think that the beauty should be observed, without envy, malice.
Would be logical that the roles were clearly delineated and, without any kind of moral inequality, this would be the supreme beauty of a life that is created as, to date a large decision is the culmination of the dialogue exposed ...

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