venerdì 20 maggio 2011

Romantic Times ….

Lace now are memories of the past, like the carnivals of Venice 800 wonderful holidays masked dances and music of a majestic period, where under the facade of austerity were hidden stories of love and passion that is unparalleled and we emulate a period that has now had its day trying to make them romantic lovers. But when we lose in style with our beautiful young ladies played our illusions, we are aware of the damage it causes, but faded in the hunter does not change over the centuries, the evolution of elegance and going and endless stories of men of honor now remain in the past.
The modern world we circorda distorts the complexity of relations with the frantic search for the perfect person, it kills only wounds the heart of the people we love for a moment, regardless of a feeling which is removed at birth. It is to be strong, this is unfortunately a hunting instinct, a search of numbers to remember, an incessant movement that can not change.
Men as women live with simplicity the meeting dedicated to the eyes and too little time to the words, listen to the serenades and fall into a night of love is not always the story there is always a game that goes on in love, but find the courage to love and to give incondizzionatamente becomes less and less. It seems that everything becomes self-sufficient in this world, women now surrender to the failures of life and love stories go with the tears and remember the same things, men as trophies that tell a thousand stories and had a corner that cry if you left, but this does not roll away the desire of Amre and should not.
Repress the instinct is choking on the one hand, only the comparison with our inner self allows you to view with equanimity a future family and children, then my opinion will remain, as always, what I believe and I remain convinced that the comparison withstrong woman is not for everyone, but for a few destined to excel has always been and always will be.
Next to a great man there is always a great woman.
I do not judge the love of a night, instinct and passion that is generated at times goes beyond reason and by comparison, I do not have to judge who makes an important number of its prey and do not judge women who are and is looking for strong emotions of a moment.
Judge would understand the world in its overall integrity and this is impossible, I regret only the gains made with the emotions of gallantry and achievements made with flowers, words whispered softly, so soft as not to seem true, and I see that now is still looking for that time was made up of gestures and movements with an elegance that you do not see that often.
by consapevolezzadellanima

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