venerdì 20 maggio 2011

The servants of God

It was the oath before him, the value of his words that had resonance in them, who came in their celestial words, to show the path of love, they became his word ..They were the servants of his universal will, the hands of his hands, they swore that.
The path of faith did not see boundaries in bringing people to God's words, this affects all continents, all languages ​​and all cultures, God in its different forms gave the opportunity to elect to have its say in land, this expansion as a whole, and touched by some people, became Pie, devout, their faith to serve them rises. Different colors wore was black, white, orange and all shades of the rainbow, color identification, to prove that their journey had made him become. Everything was out of the 'light in God's name, unique and compassionate men of ages past wrote books and stories to define his profound words, Him for His divine voice said to these men of past ages which were the ground rules, love, peace, devotion, everything was written, that no one had the seal of eternal change, he spoke once, to say these are my words, he never said, my words will change over time and adapts to the times future.
The weather did not change his will, he knew all its forms, he created everything, everything he touched and shaped. This was what He passed on, books were written in different languages, different characters, in its many forms he had his word for that, everything was full of his supreme words, all of its magnificence, and was surrounded by his light.
The time came, that evolution took a quick minds, vehicles to thousands of words that were opened to speak, everything ran, everything was moving, but his written words were not changed. Everything had to remain what it was, everything was light with an immense love, everything.The servants of God in their promises of his voice, took his dictates, touched the souls giving, hope and love. The man was a man, the tempter and tempted, visions of flesh in the wind that moves itself, ego and power, which could enter into the wounds, to bring down beliefs, the silent plague of the millennium, touch some, not all, of these some turned words, the power of entry granted to them, created the sin, speakers and judges saw, but no one could anything. The weak like sponges in the river were filled with red water, the whiteness of purity, the source of the mountain of divine will, the eternal sign of universal love, he fell at the hands of those who are the voice of God had to be carriers, the weak and abject, the hungry, all the humble people, listened to a hope, but the truth was counterfeit.
The advent of this, it's simply called HATE, believed in those words, did what they were told just to sit at the side of the God who had loved him, everything was and what was left in tears, expressed his eyes from the sky, vision of the fake foot that took, everything was never destroyed, the "Word of God is eternal," the man could fail in its selfishness, but he could never stop his word. Numbers remained, and numbers like bells ringing ...
Evidence of what the modern age, he says, and what someone is silent, it remains the obvious.
Faith will pass unchanged through all the walls, speak all languages, different clothes will color, will have different appearances, but nothing will change, never the universal message of God, unity, these events are stains, but the spots are nothing against a lightthat will shine forever in the hearts of the people.
Warning or fantasy, he is, He is, His Word is one of love, the rest is only a human will, that servant of God in the way of truth has lost its essence, we will not the judges of the times modern, but he who sees everything and everything he touched the principle will not remain indifferent, ever.
by consapevolezzadellanima

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