venerdì 20 maggio 2011

Infinite Love

One thing that unites people in the universe is the feeling in its purest form “love” many times we wondered who would be a good person or that we continue to see the stereotypes that we were being offered by media images, then as the reality was much more going on in chasing our dreams fell down as if in troubled situations within the sea of emotions we were always in the storm, this was the age of adolescence with something that no one forgets her gale emotions and tears made to have felt riufiutati and wounded by a strong but fast situation, then as always we remain even if we do not want to find something or someone, tell that our freedom is being independent, with no one to which we want accountability, but in truth, there racconntiamo a dream that fills our lack of love and as time goes on we want more love, love the only thing I know to change our emotional state more than one drug, the feeling is so intoxicating in the first moments of a birth of a report that we walk over the sky and so we move forward in our history.
The story that we undertake is sometimes closed, truncated or betrayed and we fall into the abyss of the deepest pain, we reject the reality of things within us, we give an apology, we try to mend things that are not repaired, because only in our consciousnessthere is the acceptance that life has given us a sign, and that’s up to us to understand the positive thing when the wound is healed, then after several attempts and finally falls as for all people, comes the storm that triggers the Acquaintances of individual lightning perfect for us, as if alchemy was transformed before our eyes, as if even our smells were going to affect our hypothalamus and stunning, sguadi that freeze the blood, smile that make us blush as if we were still children, then the first contact where harmony and wellbeing pervades not only our body but our soul and so begins a long journey made small gestures of hands that you are searching in the night and over the years Our passion is changed becomes a tenderness toward each other, it becomes a safety of a person who can understand our hearts and our needs, which makes the wall for us when we are in trouble and this can last forever if we speak with humility and not hide who we are in front of who we really are without inhibitions and never hold a grudge in my heart, I think this is possible even where everything seems to be changing, infinite love is a hope that can be a reality if only we put ourselves bare inside ourselves and protect ourselves with the ideals that we have created to love and be loved with all shapes and changes our relationship to affix the time, it will always be our beautiful and only if they struggled to keep alive in ourselves.
by consapevolezzadellanima

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