venerdì 20 maggio 2011

The crosses of life

Born free, and walk your way, the uncertain fate ..
Who does not believe that anyone follow him, you do not see your shadow and you are away.
Everything glitters in his youth, and then appear in its neutral color, because you reach inyour development, growth man in the world that others have created.
All escapes, unless you want it, you seek only feelings, free love, a subject of comment.
Matter that fills the hearts and empty pockets, emotions from the loop without devotions,that storm comes and you do not know why, do not ask questions .. support the weight ofyour being a man in the world of others, you take and ask, but nothing is ever-changingmoments of life in knee and ask questions that you will not have answers.
God crosses to those who can bear it, truth to those who believe, acceptance of fate in ablizzard, a fate that is why …
Only the strength of your will find hope in your hands, keeping a heart that bleed whenwounded, is not love, not pain, but only the truth of a life you do not control, but if you liveto accept what, life and nothing more.
by consapevolezzadellanima

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