lunedì 30 maggio 2011

You will be in the dream

Limit remains, a think between the real and the dream, drowsiness upon awakening, now you can not go back to what you were ..

Disappointing life, everything is tinged with the loneliness you feel,

everything is what you see, you'd like, but it does not happen, you cry and can not find, real estate ..

Bare life, until the night, sleep and begin the journey of your will, you feel it, live it, the real feeling of what the mind sets,

does not stop the film you are going through, to say the end is the dawn ..

You will be in the dream of space lost loves, passions that burn in a world that has banned you do not miss the moment and live in your scent.

Everything is what destiny does not tell you'll be in a dream to touch the truth, only the fates will know if this divverrà the instant you want ..

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