venerdì 20 maggio 2011


In a journey through a life you can not remember the steps that have been written within us, as indelible marks in our memory as words written in a diary kept in the safe of our soul. We are always ready to remember the journey that has made us today, because tomorrow is marked by a mystery and we imagine that through our dreams and distant and intangible, remember it’s like an old book full of dust that sometimes goes read again to relive the moments of our life, which registered a growth of our character and person-level interior.
As fearless knights begin to face the life that is balanced between being children and teenagers divernare, everyone knows the competition and war for the first time in affirming who we are, we strive to look and resemble the mass, not we want to be excluded, marginalized, the pack becomes a lifeblood for us, makes us strong, proud and fearless, dress like fashion requires, we do not want to be different, we want to belong. We are always looking to see what we are, we approach, we comb strange for us to see, we are in a pack or group of friends who we are as a small family, do their initial experience, we share the choked emotions from fear to show us different, weak, sensitive, but bite the bullet and live in mass, we are not yet defined within us, we’ll post our myths in our rooms, we look alike, we see them unreachable and there, tomorrow itwe dream, we want our independence, which for us is far away, we begin to reflect ourselves but without big problems, we are still free from the world that imposes strict rules there, we go school, study for us when there is nothing that does not come intoclass, being with friends and dreaming, we’re young and carefree.
Everything begins to change, we are at a dark feel the need to follow nature, we take note and look, feel and electrical loads, Cerha something more than a flock of friends, we begin to be free and with all our consciousness of life inexperienced us towards growth, we are divenedo large, they approach the responsibilities, this allows us to see the goal that we set, our freedom to decide for us, do not listen to anybody, or only sometimes say we launched into the world, which we feel our own, we can control it in our minds, however experience will be many failures, failures are those that serve as weapons to be forfeited for the next battle of life, but we are fearless we are still inmaturi to understand, but we do great, we feel popular, full of ourselves, and if we talk about emotions are still kept on a leash, maybe every now and show the anger and rage, we are in the midst of the storm, which ones hormonal good to remember the moments where everything seemed possible, but this is now, once thought was different, not all rational instinct and the desire to believe to be the best, we are full of ego.
Love has no age, only an evolution, its strength is measured in passion and desire to get to a love incondizzionato is that if there is no sex makes us feel loved and protected well happy.
From the first in our young age we have the fire that makes fun of us, today and tomorrow amiano amiano another or another, something fast fast, but hot and intense, the moments become hours and hours day, we always think we do not sleep at our goal, we keep close to hand, the belt as if it were our own property, we want to protect it and we usually have that virus that is called jealousy, I call it virus because for me a little is good too becomes just a projection of our insecurities , shows a lack of awareness of our soul, if that does not make us happy shiny come into contact with a distorted reality, because when one is aware of the self we see things from the truth, without bias, because we are free, filled with pure excitement and energy to give, not take to see things that are not there, but who can inspire confidence and trust us.
Love changes over time, after spending those flashes in the pan that will soon die or Came off, we begin to become selective, we look at the physical aspect but also begins the person’s soul-searching, we are changing in irreversibly, is the internal growth that asks us is our heart, is disappointed that even if does not stop beating for what it meant feeling we call love, time passes and research sooner or later finds its happy island, weready to love her head and heart, we are ready to think of a couple’s life, we see a future and we are happy. Not all stories will reach the finish line, a matter of chemistry, the question of openness to others induviduo participating in our union; insecurity plays the role of spoiler, there is sometimes diverted to other people, then tell that person hasmore … … .. we’re lying to ourselves, we know we have some faults, we know that it did not speak to the open hearts, we know there siamoconvinti for some time that the person who thought love was not the right one, but cowards as we went forward, this will bring pain to someone, but also to ourselves, we dovremmi take responsibility to say it’s over. Everything will repeat until the sun and moon incotrerà his union will be forever, the union due to slow motion, heat and sharing unique, as the planets themselves, speak with an open heart, we understand our heat, we will enlarge to let us know with a glance, we will be free in body and mind mettremo available to the other person will find reassurance in us, almost like a child to its mother is a bond that only time will change as passion and fire, but never, never in the pure feeling of love that aleggerà forever.
All of our journey that we will be done a thousand experiences, love, joy and even sorrow, pain soffernza understood as a genuine soul, will be given to too many things, disappointment, loss, defeat, everything is part of a subtle game, I would say necessary, because only the suffering we become better people, never mind living a pain and then to hide behind our actions, everything needs to be addressed, you know, we have in our consciousness even make sense minimum if the things that happen, though not beautiful, look at the time of our lives emotions lenirà wounds that will take the pains with it, but we have to do to lose the rest in peace with our soul, not hiding or remprimendothing in a box inside our hearts, but making a clear analysis within ourselves, a path much longer and painful, but this is the only way that will allow us to see things in a fresh perspective, an experience that will we live with after a very calm, not easy to find that sense of open-mindedness it takes to this path, but there are those who find it and are benefiting a great awareness of what happened, not because of the unnecessary but can be accepted what life gives us life, sooner or later, though, I would say a personal way, we are only able to see the pain we feel over time and be able to express it as a souvenir of our memories, some real pain not you can heal completely, but you can only make it bearable, but it is enough in our life to discover the joy of living, and to show other people a smile, will still be a nice goal to find serenity in certain episodes, but remember not everything depends only on time but also by us.
After that, we have mentioned, in this road of memory, we tried to remember things long forgotten we enter the last phase of this virtual journey, evolution.
As everyone arrived at a certain point in our lives we begin to take our own way and live by the rules we have imposed in the course of our life, we changed, we know how affronatre daily life or at least we think, every person is following his dream, his passion grows and lives as a free and independent individual, I’d say everything seems set, but sometimes things can change in adulthood, with the thousand things we have done and learned we are not yet reached the end , is not the road that we took, there’s ‘elusive ego who lives and does everything for nutrilro, who is a slave to money and plans to buy happiness, there is’ one who sees everything in a negative way and which has no prospects, we are many and varied, a sure thing that you can change direction if we want, we do not always happen after a terrible event that makes us open our eyes suddenly, everything can be done even before, there are few people attaining an inner peace and see life in a positive way, but this does not limit anyone, we can, if we want to make a turn, depends on us and only us, in this case I speak of my evolution, which I have already written.
If you fall and you can not find the slope begins to think that there is always a way, you do not know if the way is right, but you try not to change anything, you’re stuck in a stalemate, if you can not fall down or get up, take a moment, close your eyes and think of who you are, stop waiting for something every day that you wake up, it starts to do things that you wanted to do and you never did, change direction and take conscience of yourself, you open that drawer that scares you within yourself and face your fears head on, a little at a time, you’ll see that start to be less heavy, not to think about what people think, if you see reflected / a, no matter what time you will, right, digs inside your soul and face who you are, do not stop, like the thoughts that plague you at times never stop, time’ll do the inhibitions that make you feel bound, you must be free to see who you are and what you think. A long and winding, I personally I’m still struggling with, but through yoga, meditation, ayurveda, I relearn to know me, to appreciate who I am to understand what I want, I get up in the morning and do not expect nothing, take what is there with a smile, I live and I’m free, I took a life to understand that I was under the thumb of my ego, now I check my ego, I express my emotions, all I know again, I want well just because some people see the good in people, so I do not step on, but keep calm and cool I must say my disappointment, this is something for everyone if you so desire, I have found my way and now have a new person, reborn, I hope for those who suffer and do not go over too well that they take a path of development, we are not designed to accept or not to bend my head why do not we find an alternative, we we are all destined to excel in our small, to be free, just be humble and try to change the basis of unbiased, anything is possible if we choose.
Thanks to people who, through their humility of mind have made light the way for those who had lost the path of peace, in giving himself a incondizzionata without ever asking for anything, thanks to the people who know that the world is important to also give a smile in a world where everything goes fast and sometimes leave behind those in need.
by consapevolezzadellanima

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