venerdì 20 maggio 2011

Dialogues of the soul

I see me now, not in time but in space, search extreme, a man who is lost …
I talk to myself, but madness is not introspective, search the forces of the mind in its extreme, figure out who I am and what I was, you will do the same someday, but do not know if now, you see the world from the bottom, I from heaven elevation of the soul thathas no boundaries.
Mind neutral, mediates the positive and negative, dig areas of truth and absoluteness,meditation research nirvana ..
You do not believe, that what you see, tangible truth of the limit that you ask. Yourbreathing slow, is not energy, but survival, I would be in the air to absorb the flow, whichgives me energy for my stay.
I have the time and space you remember, the soul that listens and wants to understand,I’m not thinking that, you free to hear, truth or mysteries .. In the test of life, I would, but I’m not, but you would not find it, dialogue between us, between me dialogues.
by consapevolezzadellanima

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