mercoledì 25 maggio 2011

The energy of the mind

"You see everything as a 'bulb, remains a constraint in mind, would you and would like to, but wait until the end, everything seems better in other people, envy axle, then think again and decide that your path is marked, you impose a peace , which is a resignation. "
Many dell'accontentarsi tell, is never wrong as thinking, if happiness is that blessed haven that everyone can hear and see the mirage, there is 'one who decorates, who sings and the screams, the eyes are the end' expression of a truth, always. The content knowing you are able to do anything else is a free boundary that no one can argue.
Those who freely choose to surrender and accontenrasi else, does not live the true expression of a smile that lifts the heart to step better, "is a fake page, which is admired without having a true value, decide that this is the life and is identified in it, close the doors of the alternative routes and determine the margins of the thing, but as so often there are few who will not fall in complaining about things, desires missed and will live in the telling of their dreams, it is not wrong if it is dellla conscious thing. Then there 'who is really happy, happy lives, you can see, does not expose him, his eyes sparkle, but spends nothing hypothetical words in a sterile box, spends only words that count. No judge it myself, I see the parallels in my world I see, my, is all I want, but ultimately it's just a thought to think that cuts horizontally, but not circulating on the anniversary of my mind.
The mind remains an unexplored abyss, a backdrop that has no end, only a part of darkness beginning to dive into it shows what can be developed, it is not a prophecy or a game you have tarot cards, remains a reality of what will that in us there ', just to pick it, grow it and hear it, everything becomes different, his eyes sparkle, but in the darkness, hope does not flex to life that sets a doom, everything becomes light, everything takes on a size, which has no form, abstract and without weights, the bulb does not exist in this room that one finds are high, the visions, the heart is the engine of feeling, the ego, he is not greater in this condition remains , does not vanish, but not dominating, the pulses are weighted, the anger is slapped by a universal, that all makes and exceed, the emotions are and how! They are strong, sweet, the sensitivity amplification, a sound that does not bounce, but that goes beyond all this back and always giving the right perspective.
This does not belong to you or me, or us ... It 's all this, not for men, women, old or young, there' and that's it, those who feel a time when this flow takes something that already has only becomes a live and think no more, the happiness of all is, the appearance as well.Each of us decides for him what to do and become, there is no limit, no one imposes, the only thing that always remains that one day you will look in the mirror and sees his reflection and thought presented itself, we tell two versions : One will be a stand and prove that happiness is this, together with the addition will not be made earlier times, is a not wanting to know, non-proportional odds, between truth and falsehood, between being el'appartenere between smile and die within , the combinations would be endless.Opposite version: You will see a human being, you will see a path, feel strong pain, but where it will arrive with a smile, be humble and helpful, will share what we have achieved, it will not praise, words spoken will plan, will be happy always, cry but he will always see a life, there will be a proportion of wanting to know, he will know that what he seeks is in himself, only he will not hear the words of people who will tell you. "if you do," he will and that's it, give without asking, he will live with the harmony of the mind, the example will be on the sidelines, but that will be watched and followed him without asking.
This is not who is this pride and envy of those who has not seen in others, is not coming, there are no prizes, there is only the gift of a vision that changes his perspective and positivity that a sense of peace and a desire to share, absolute humility.
This is the energy of the mind that in us lies, we can very with the mind and soul, but only if we really want.It is a gift that is done, is not an accident or a mystery, is a way you decide to take knowing that you will never go back, climb up and have to do, then a descent to arrive? It is not limit in mind, if not that, you want to call "infinity."
In us there 'all the wonder of the universe in us is the purest energy, it remains a fact, for those who believe and feel the energy flow of the mind and love without boundaries.

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