giovedì 30 giugno 2011

Me, You, we

In my live I have the words in your will You in my IO is not me, in the form of earthly life will end sooner or later, in words that recall the time, you'll see your own, that no one can change the We will be the words of the future ..
The ego is excess of what the person says, I own, I am, I will, I live in my forgetting what life can give, give a smile and gets you inside the other people, this would be the future of us, united and harmonious in the ever ..
Dissolve the concept of 'me, life is difficult but this will happen if you love, love deeply and feel that grow in you that makes you open the treasure chest in your totality as the light that you know make, then your ego lives in his ego, and becomes a you, in life, the 'I' is and remains to take a stand, to love, but there is no position but to be one with the other, one of us. you to an observer.
When a person believes and lives this simple feeling life, universal love to put the source of happiness, he feels that there is no need to say I, I, I will tell you more, this is because we're here on earth as a living and live their lives not outside but inside it, we have a flow, then I can not find a location. In the words that we say and write it will always be an identification, but that will not speak of us as personal self, but that will mirror a truth that will manifest itself directly, but will be no words to identify the thought that in turn is identified only the reader, sharing apt to tell what many do not know how to see or understand, is not a position or a person that is a thought that you can take and make their own reading, or waive forever if not heard.

My self, I tell you in your lives and I say it loud, in my little writing I do not put me at the center, as an individual, I put a free thinking, which can give read or not, if it becomes a give you, if you live six You're free to live and to make it an us if you share it, I'm alone the hand that writes and not what he enjoys, the thought is the one who has no primary forms, if not, would a search of glory , but that time would stop ...
In my experience it will all end, this is normal, but what I have said will and this is not the consolation prize, because the concept of me, you, us, is alive in me. If you live in does not seek glory and satisfaction with life, but try to give happiness and this always returns back is a you coming to you, and if this is widespread it becomes an us, that today is great and universal , the happiness of living in the truth of exposure, and not the background of the suburbs where everything is me, just to be at the end in themselves.
This will not happen because in giving we always together, it will happen just because the thought lives and has a return of light and energy and it becomes us, an indivisible whole of thoughts, words, feelings, which put this as stars in the universe, in a flow in unison, which is not the end.

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