martedì 21 giugno 2011

mental projection

Cancels the truth, you are blinded, there is only you in your loss, your and anyone else, you expose yourself to words that are nothing, you are absolutely unaware of the truth and you deny that the mind ...It 'time, but storm that destroys the beauty that life is seen in its purity of the ethereal ... always.
We are human and very vulnerable, this is our stand, it is impossible to deny the evidence, accepting it is the only way to strengthen our existing universe. It happens and will happen, that we may become in deep wounds in the soul, life is not always a straight line, but subject to the circumstances, this is not a sign outlining the end or a beginning, but impromptu moment, if you lived with the awareness of what .
The relationship with other people when this state of mental projection, (EGO), leads us unconsciously pervades always mean what in us is stable, we always associate and transmit it, it seems trivial, but to observe it with detachment leads to stress that, in this state who is exploiting the situation he speaks of the fact that you create at that time.
Just a simple box, this mechanism that turns the unconscious, subconscious, and I say because if it were aware of the silence would be sovereign in this, the defense can be defined or frustration, there are many terms that are not otherwise resolve the matter, everything is illusory and Truth does not win this, because it does not belong to anyone, both those who are wounded in the soul, to the one who is opposed to this dialogue, no one can explain, for one simple reason, which shows a simplified logic: How can I find a point (defined as the junction point in a linear axis which the direct dialogue between two individuals), if two lines are not straight away? very impossible, so that the dialogue established the flow is discontinuous and there is listening, who is projected for several moments, just only listening to himself, constantly exposes its concept and sees the absolute, who is on the other party tries to explain but will never be heard, because in a box if there is a total or absolute shallowness and depth, there is no connection, listening remains clear and free of logic and emotion.Instead, those who are prone to this feeling exposed for defense, is invariably to assert his reasons, which eventually lead only to a dried up the dialogue itself, so both are always at a point, but that is only a start and nothing concludes. Difficult in such situations to find the way of communication is a total distortion of true thoughts that you would, if exposed without the intercession of mental projections, but it happens that those who are hurt can not understand why going through a phase where it is too strong feel the deception that the mind arises, there is a real imbalance between positive and negative minds, so the communication is affected, is a lie to themselves and expose it as an absolute truth, where there is no self-awareness, but only dell'intello distorted logic, thoughts and circumstances that are embedded as ideals.
There is also a more complex form of mental projection, observable by those who quietly say they want their idea, which is free, but it establishes a dialogue is not always right and not suitable, is a desire to participate at all costs to manifest to a lesser extent their exclusive truth (the correct definition egocentric), which often hides endive or other scents that are not loving and sincere. Moreover it is known that absolute truth does not exist, there is a relative truth that is seized only when verbal communication has a beginning and an end, then the persons involved can not see in ways similar, but at the end of this dialogue, no will walk away with it, will be completed at the end of that dialogue, partly because the "brooding", always amplifies the error, then the exposure does not happen over and done this and not allow any kind of growth and this is a dialogue conscious and healthy, there are thoughts that hide other, because nobody holds a grudge, there is a total acceptance by both, and it often happens that even if the so-called "reason", we are not serene in admission. This is linear and continuous because it is logical to accept the truth and aware of the error leads to knowledge and to keep improving, everything must be understood and never excluded, and exclude everything that you do not accept, and stokes indefinitely becomes a deception that does not hurt the balance that time there is in us'.
This as always is part of my personal feel and understand life, that one can accept or not, remains free as the life that one wants to live in its truth and its forms, no judges and no one says.

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