lunedì 13 giugno 2011

Will drop the ego

Thousands of pages written in the story of the mystery of the fall of the ego, the beauty that you see and admire, torrents of words that flood all, and all searches that lead you to believe we have arrived, but this does not happen if the words say that expose arrival, you will be even bigger this, and do not you may have noticed, illusion, a word that is clear ...
It sounds simple, too simple, and it is, drop the ego, but it remains a point to be noted, the life we ​​live can be changed, shaped, drawn redone, everything can be done, but in the end I will not be the total his fall, there is an external influences, and we can not escape, we are in a world that taught us to fight and we struggle to live if we go ahead, touch the pain and lies every day and now we are infected with this, the but we can improve, but an ego equal to zero belongs to the rare, touching a person in a million, but this is not the example, is and remains the last resort that is fascinating, and when you are captivated by an incoming long for, if all you want there's something in the ego '!
Then write methods and meditation, but an ego will for sure, my thoughts is not absolute and does not want to be, a thought is presented, derived from a hard and painful, a known and read forever, everything must be including, in the inner understanding and knowledge you can find the account, the exact center of the truth that we want to exist, but in the end have a one percent of ego was, in a world of far worse things, is much more humble understand, think and talk about that you understand to be an excellence, which has nothing of real, that it feels without description, because if you look at who said he had reached the zero point, and not speak of the enlightened millennium reached the actual point ZERO ego, you realize that these people are the indoctrinated, speak with impersonal sentences and say what they read. It 'easy to fall into the trap, the mind is a trap that degenerates into automatic, just the word that remains impressed, that creates a brick house on the night sky.
Nobody believes this is simply a reflection, one can read or ignore, nothing matters, there is in us 'the truth, but never absolute, and in us there is' the possibility of exposure shared or not, I remain easy to think that a zero is absolute, but a magnificent and is a prime number, which in the words he states that there is ego, the minimum percentage, gives happiness and essence, the belief is due to a departure, if you start it come to understand and what was once the primary ego as being employees, becomes secondary, almost zero, but never totally accept this in silence is to be right, this transpires in the end no one should even say that.
Maybe we got them we unconsciously point ZERO ... ..
But this happens when the mind is dissociated to what we want, we understand that our means listening with freedom and not repress even defeat, in which case it will be demand-will fall Ego? - We will come to full acceptance what? Decide this is to try it ....

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