mercoledì 1 giugno 2011

To experience love through it all

Everything comes for us to finish and then start over, the fire of passion that they feel the time is still a feeling that spends like a diamond with its own light ...
Man seeking woman and search, they tell different but still similar, feelings exposed in complex forms, are observed, the smell, the senses are the way of knowledge between them, he reserved the words, gestures and movements, cat, smell man, perceiving that he noise there ', she sways like a boat, the waves that the sea breeze is rippling, intense, come on, pungent, penetrating and not to forget, colors and silences, words and smiles, a relationship which always starts from a distance.
Living the moment is look, no obligation, no name, no words, free will of a river of two, he tough, he decided to close, she spins and turns on him, surprises that contempt of humility that he shall send his His heart beats fast and she is already feeling.
Standard romantic and a bit vulgar, flaps of skin show the dream, he notes, you want this love to live through it all, nothing is, there is nothing negative, meaning the call on display in the plot, the mind and heart would want, inner conflict, manifest not intimate that transpires, then a word, thaw the moment, flowing not to succumb to a desire on, he hears her, she wishes to be heard, for now is to observe, where the limit takes the patience of waiting of first contact, that the desire wants.
He insists his words, the mind betrays what the heart says, she plays like a queen bee. ...
All this seems long, but nothing can withstand what the heart wants, contact is made, she dissolves into him, satisfied that loses the challenge, he feels successful, but he has lost, she wove the cloth and he thought to command a game, she decided, if he has a moment, the love that he lives through it all, a fiction called the mind owning, but he is possessed, everything now is love, he thinks this, but she does not has set out, took what he wanted, the love that he thinks, maybe it's already the end of a prime number is not divisible by itself, that does not generate one, remains only an appearance of a hidden loneliness, that time will tell .
You do not have and she does not possess, that equal love of course remains, but this is not said in a story that begins now, everything is true only for the moment that you think, a moment later, you're the second of the game, You are simple, then you're first, nothing sticks, not to be, but love that crosses all and sees all the pure, if you rewind the movie, this story would never be born ..

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