mercoledì 8 giugno 2011

Walk in the divine

We, maybe we live, we believe, we are ...Always looking for ourselves, finding that the street lights along the path of light, and we will be, no one prohibits what we want, there will be no words, misunderstandings, we deaf people walking along the street, who sees no end but that makes us only more and more real ..
Surrounding matter that tells of a vision, made up of images and hopes, achievements, goals, everything is always the same, we are united in a world that wants to say be happy, if you will. You will come to get, what you put on, the observer, your desire will grow even more and ran for more, you will not share this, you arrive, you'll be the king, the empire does not hold, the fear will devour nights , telling the icy breath, you try to have nothing more. A step back seems an insult to the unfairness of life calls, you will be subjected to this point, bare skin, eliminated in the wind, everything is afraid of losing what you have.
The cause is not the mistake, not even having money, the error is always being greedy and no prosperity, live in the silence of the fears that sing the odes of the Arctic, freezing through the heart, the smell, the only thing that is, being free to have and hear what exists around us, without being in armored chasm that nothing makes this.
Too many fall for a drop of water, which broke the glass full, a drop, a tiny particle that nothing would do, if not add up to what could happen, years and years, refusing to listen, to lead the small particle the unimaginable happen, takes little to no drop, nothing so exceptional, divine which is us, is always in us, not precarious balance, as a matter of living through her tears said, after the fall of that had been created, simply listening is the medicine that one takes, no magic, no illusion, the divine is in us.
"After the fall will be rivers of questions, to understand how to retrieve the lost and none will have the right answer, no one can stop what must happen, if you deny yourself your freedom, now you find you have to think back and think again with his hands to his face, but nothing should now think, the mind has deceived you yet, now you want prosperity, you will get it .. "
You look at who will tell you this, do not understand the what, now exists only in the concept of matter lost in the embrace you, with all of yourself, listen again, that's true you'll see life without the limit of ' be who you are, you will understand that happiness is simple, you'll understand what we already knew, but did you want to ignore, to get you all the possible fears, you did it by only by abandoning the ego that makes you king, now you are only subject of this. To everything there is a remedy, just as he had to look back, understanding, listening, all the deep that we will be exalted in pristine purity, embrace ourselves, and feel the soul one more time, the divine is in us, not is that abstract thinking about theorems and stories, will return to see the money, matter and if we generate more, silently, we will not be afflicted with anything, feel the beating heart and warmth to expand, we'd like, but they will be pure, understand and share the occlusion Olympians who thought we had achieved, everything will be clear and simple.
They really know what we are, we will be humble and perhaps poor and rich, perhaps, we will be both things, rich and poor ego of love, money, rich and poor ego, we wonder who we are, we will not be unique, but similar , we will be friends in the world, we will love, and live all right, humble and serene, with a smile to give, and maybe even some words to give, to those who only ever sees this as a mirage, or sees it as a which does not touch him.
Everything happens in an instant, again, this is a memory that will always feel that after one of the alternatives that life poses.

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