martedì 21 giugno 2011

Life in a path: Thoughts on display

Life in a route path is infinite, space and past, current non-existent, the past is memory of what once was, you decided to take the path, your will, the supreme grew, now forgotten and then remembered when the you go back to the dark, everything is the result of what must be, and not a magic born into nothing.
"This was nothing before," seemed to be full and truthful, everything beautiful in its artificiality, it was all yours, all was your reflection, everything was in your possession .. Now that there is no 'longer, feel the emptiness under our feet, everything is against all do not understand, they are all useless. "
Life teaches personal history that each of us lives, fall and rise again, it is normal and not logical, logical there 'nothing but eat because you are hungry, drink when thirsty. The radical change is because we want, but do not want to admit it, I do not feel like a logic signal, it is not logical for what is over .. When it happens it looks like a punishment, a hoax, the end has no reason to question and do not need answers, what happened had to happen. Everything is not a sign of an end, not optimism and pessimism is not, it just is not. The skin changes and no questions and tell ourselves that that time has done this same thing happens at the end of the path that life changes, the time change, so what you answer, if you do not find the justification of convenience, I This story like all the thoughts because they are exposed guinea pigs exposed to the thoughts, not the wise and not the master, are the guinea pig, which tells of his cage, watching the experiment when it is finished.
Life in a temporal path, it does happen a lot this is something that happens and everything changes, there is no 'written notice, we're not at work, we are everywhere and it happens and you, like me, you can not escape from this If that happens, I have done, is the burden was worse.I covered up the truth with the drug, but the truth was stronger than the same, nothing has been the rush to get rid of my shadow, she was always with me.
In the end I let the flow of change take its course, leaving to what it was, and no search of answers, but of myself in myself, I will not have the example, are nothing more than the writer I do not say what they feel and think, because thinking is to build and this is not a building, it's my life.
Would take too long to tell what happens, but without saying it has already begun the recount, only now say that the thoughts on display speak of me, and maybe you or them, talking and no one answers ... There is no 'answer, because there 'There is no question that now is a telling sense of being explained, now and not before, why? It should not be a reason to say what one does, and I say from the bottom in which a read, if you want one, if one does not want it do not read it, the questions are the same, if so many people do not ask there 'the same answer, this is the same thing, give answers and give the illusion, I tell myself, so everything is illogical ...
But if you read what I gave you, I'm happy, if it gave you, I'm happy, I remain happy only because I am myself and I put the thought of not exposing a thought .. The expose and let the free thought of the thing .. see beyond it too.
Remains a free exhibition, a stream consciousness, which is free and that speaks of my living things, so inner outwardly also because there would be great stories, a life like everyone else, but I wanted to say no because of the thoughts exposed fully explain, explain why the end is not always beautiful, I could call them stories, fables, fantasies, in the end the only words to me were these were spontaneous. I just said a simple thing, why talk about others and not talk about what I feel, so do not feel is a logical application, the application is too personal and does not come from me or you, but always comes from those who live, which draws its conclusions, it takes the fun of things and discard what does not feel right, and not perceive. Write your thoughts on display tell a senplice is this feeling that the reader decides what to take and make. I am sharing so I wrote this series of articles. I can only thank them has read, and I also thank those who have not read them, this must always be freedom.

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