lunedì 6 giugno 2011

One day

One day remains a day, nothing to talk about the past, no future to think about, living in this time frame, with a memory to browse to what has been, memories that remain in smiles to give away, the future is a mystery to be enjoyed without ask for anything, without thinking, and why questions that are absent do not want to ..
It's scary not to think about what will be, habits that do not, the desire that makes it impossible to think, live what you have, savor it, feel the intensity, the penetration of joy, a smile that lights up, we sing raising arms the sky in a dance barefoot, feeling the ground vibrate mother in you.
The man asks another, wants to leave the next day, he sees and feels the necessity of this constraint, the certainty, which creates an illusion of hope, maybe it will come true, maybe not, but it will be nourishment for the mind, which will eat more in requests This will support, but the disappointment remains at the gates, and the whole castle will collapse, will not be me or you, but it will happen, the custom requires, to create the feeling is not in vain, vain and useless, but still fail to see that a day is a day, nothing to see or imagine, today is a always a tomorrow and a Sunday, nonsense going on, the 'irony, but one day that life is full tasting not see tomorrow, its growing demand and uncertainty, this is a bitter sweet certainty that leads to life, he who laughs hear nonsense, but nonsense, lives dualism, inside this is the magic that occurs.
See and feel the full life, free, joyous, ecstatic permanent scent, a few hours where sad to think of holding back, you know that one day is a day and that you feel as unique as the only one that remains in us was normal before being taught to common thought, which always tells "I hope" that tomorrow, but tomorrow at the end does not respond, he says, today it remains confident of where we are and we decide how the remains will live, tomorrow is seeking a way out, a project, I am on the day of today, tomorrow and yesterday, but one day it will be for me always and only one day.

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