lunedì 13 giugno 2011

The energy of the music

Music, notes and items that come in and trigger emotions in us, absorbs us all and we look in sound dimension that we are listening, and there are feelings that animate the body and mind, soul and heart, the four elements that are totally immersed in it.
Sound frequencies, pulses are ecstatic that we perceive in a subtle way, as true mantra that we may raise or move to tears, that power is infinite, all feelings can penetrate through the sound. The melancholy, happiness and all the nuances of decay come into contact with the frequencies that the ear perceives through music, a subtle input that makes us live the moment of dissociation from the real life we ​​are living, is an energy true for well being and truth.
Listening to music genres of that are endless, but in this case, listening to music, sacred and dedicated to the wellbeing of mind that you are dedicated to sound samples of mantra meditation music that comes from listening to nature, lead to the elevation of the divine soothes us in, there is in this case adrenaline and energy discharge, there is a purified energy that creates a phase of welfare projects and the mind to the true dissociation of negative thinking.Listening to this music, in which case we will be taken by a neutral phase where everything becomes clear, only to try to listen to these genres, you can feel certain sensations, difficult to explain the meaning of mental silence that happens, we are completely absorbed in as if it belonged there, and we feel an energy that propagates in us by making us, relaxed but ecstatic, raising his palms to the sky there is a feeling that energy did not quiver, but a continuity that gives instant peace of mind, if these sounds are then associate to meditate and become a real contact with the universe.For centuries music has had key roles in ancient civilizations, real rituals that were in it the reasons of existence and were used in divination of various kinds, such as harvest, sun, etc.., This now does not disappear completely even in our super modern civilization, everyday life also because it brings more to the changes, which start on the mood, the real malaise of the soul. These sounds after a busy day that we all as individuals, gives a well-being and relaxation that you feel now.This course has a very personal nature, which seeks to take nothing for other types of music, is simply a broadening our knowledge in terms of audience. Each of us is always aware of their needs, this is an experience that I live and as always the story.
The music expresses the soul receives, and music are in the circle of light with sounds that make us be in touch with ourselves and the universe of love ....

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