lunedì 13 giugno 2011


On top of my journey and my experience lies the infinite, all-seeing his creation, all in the words of this world, I would like to touch it, breathe his wise words, I felt a hand on his shoulder, the search is always a ...
Journey on the path of what's left, everything remains even after a crash, debris from the past that are not afraid now, rebuilding would be required, but the alternatives always wear comfortable down the pact. A pact that will remain forever between heaven and hell, I read this was a one day sentence in my mind was tired, the apex of an ending that I would like for me.The money bought the glorification of power, the command was the one feeling, everything seemed to be in the hands and sweat of a lifetime, nothing could be different, everything was to my ego had wished, there is nothing left to other , I left everything.
The hypocrisy of the ally who claimed to be a servant kneeling what he saw, the magnificence of such a man, hands and legs as he did, from my thinking being, I felt that everything would be my time would borne fruit in a garden now barren, concrete showed the appearance in the green, a squeeze of lemon peel was now alone.Perhaps fate had made a furrow where banks placed my walk and never hear the waves, back straight left, straight in the eye to fix the unknown, I just wanted what was the desire, the illusion of a lifetime, made of what everyone wanted, to rise above, only to hear the arrival.
The arrival came as a scythe that reaps the victims, was not a sweet spell, the precipice, the mountain top, back and forth, all around was a vacuum, inertia fall was only what the mind had decided, after hearing the 'air cut through the body in flight, rub the skin, such as flat as a sheet and heavy metal, sink without end, impact, and the ground gave me.Everything fell, and I followed the impact, difficult to me now I said there was nothing in me. seemed simple words now, but it was unnecessary to seek a return, nothing is returned quelcuno told, your will is supreme, and told, not only word I ever said it,-it is not true, I was the one and now none - because this? Why Me?
"There are no answers in the decisions of the deep, they said, you have that you want, you say, you wanted the truth, you are now in the true, but the result would be easy, without suffering to achieve it."
Moral of a fairy tale happy ending that did not place, story to be rewritten without bases of inspiration, but this is and remains the test story was to expose a hidden truth, was now obliged to tell a lot of that was drowned in real time.
I knew only one thing among many that I felt, no one is, one is in excess of what a man is, he remains the supreme, creates and discards what he wants, does not seek and do not admit this until the bottom of the door to 'real admission, perhaps the sentence is done, but the concept is variant, the one who is above you and me, you know, has created has made and thought, we are and we remain a with high hopes in us and the error remains free to decide our own.
It is not moral to tell, but simply a reflection of a story that talks about what we want, but in the end our will is not it? Remains of the town look like a will?
I seek the answer, but I feel that one or two, do not change if we are aware of a truth that we continue with our hearts, without feeling the need to be or belong not to the universe that gave us the 'but a real one ..

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