giovedì 16 giugno 2011

Life is love

Everything was created in the name of the One, which brought the end of its immensity, in a word, love. Everything was conceived in the way of this and all spoke in the name of this, nothing was spawned in a different sense of what we were and we will be us and we are now having to change everything ....
The ball which live and which we tread is alive, the primordial essence of a life full of love, where the elements come together and merge, they are a creation and generate their lives, love lives in this, is prosperous and vital , but we are beautiful beings and stupid, we found all the ways to undo what was easy. We turned the sentiments in the image of our ambition and lust, we fell to then meet again at an end. All talk and no one listens, wars and hunger in the world are evidence of what should not happen, but that happens in the name and on behalf of men born in love and become sterile beings with no hint of the heart, perfect minds only with ideals, affect everything, but everything could change, but who wants that? Few and many, no one has numbers today, count the fact evidences of gestures and words, this is what he sees the watchful eye of all.
Nobody changes the destiny it is he who decides, but everyone can understand and everyone can decide what they want, if this is a real feeling. There are smaller steps that do not exalt the chronicles speak of people who create asti and pains in the name of lack of understanding of what they would naturally, but hear only what the mind wants to say, only impulses and impulses that are not reasons for actions the ultimate goal. There is still hope for change, but progress remains slow as a cross carried by men, who teach what they already know why we were there in us since time immemorial, was born in us and we were born in the name of that word, love . We live in the land that is Love, in its raw essence and in its manifest nature, which occasionally irate evokes his dissent, nothing compared to what we do, a drop in the ocean remains.
This is not the writing of divination, it will only expose what a person feels from the bottom, is not an ideal time to create excitement, a feeling that is exposed only voice in the words of diffusion, to remember what everyone knows, but only some want to hear.
"Love begets love", generates the rest of what we see, the truth be enough to give birth to what was destined to endure the eternal, as eternal is the one who created this, who observes and listens to everything and that we lives in our hearts where love never ends. But this we will be us to decide today, the architects of our lives and our destiny, no one will be excluded from what was, will light a truth that will sooner or later no one will be without this and without the Last Judgement, we will be judged by what we have done.

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