lunedì 6 giugno 2011


Too many stories are made, to demonstrate evidence of a life, taking shape only and always on a personal level, everything is handed down with care and feeling their emotion, from person to person, and then get emphasized to him that if he feels as the last tell. This is the illuisione feel that everyone is looking for a best time of simple living, but in the end as a drug effect is not durable, it vanishes, we still search through words, a cure, there is no end to this, all should be hung on the hope, the illusion that leads to a friend who always want stories and bear the words of the mind that incessant, we detach from the soul.
Unnecessary, the words of others is not a certain way, it real is deceiving themselves, in us there is a story of stories, an inactive explosion of a bomb's marvelous light, are not the projections of others, you just need to be listening, not feel the fear of our story, but savor it and understand it. Avoid many, many crying, live attached to the hopes of illusions, touching the true and real, as possible. Everything is not what one thinks is the right of all living, suffering mental condition that is bound, the real head is complementary to us, but clean the mind is a necessary practice that puts balance. Meditation is the tool that eliminates the false steps from the mind, does not dissolve the thinking, the tale to chant, but he points out, brings it to its highest point of understanding what makes you feel uncomfortable as a seem a story that nobody is saying, that we feel it externally, we are differentiated and elaborate, we make it in time to be silent, silent thought and fear will not hurt anymore.
The illusion is to think that others can do this dirty work for us, all are saints in heaven a hell, all masters of the skin of others in us is the greatest teacher and bright, that does not ask and does not require , a continuous flow by the evil of the millennium. Nell'iposcrisia rampant evil that matter, where you can buy everything and treat others with words and pills, is not real, illusion to the nth degree, all this makes us servants always more than one thing or another, all can help, but margins remain a blank slate, and not written by rereading.
We are the masters of ourselves, in meditation there is no suggestion illusory, there is no contact, depth and feeling, we are differentiated by what surrounds us, we are aware, we feel the error and process it, do not say this to say if you do you have, say only what I have done, "no one forces anyone," the obligation is to repress, is an illusory inculcate the same words, which go to gratify the ego.
My story is a simple, pure, an experience I do, and very simply expose a thought of my vision, which is not absolute, but freedom, everyone has a vested right, to decide whether to stay for better or worse, how to fix it, and what to listen to.
I listen to everyone, but I live in my inner silence, where peace and love, are the background to what we once feared, it took many days, months, the first not to hear those words more relentless in his mind, before you get to take aware of this.
This change, which was a process, silent, fast, I would say each of us may be closer to its solution, but everyone wants this? Sometimes I ask myself this question only, which is not related to me, but I hear in the speeches of others, I just think that many seek what is the "way", but that often stick to the illusions that others can do what we in a moment we can get. I always want the light to enlighten the world from this dark feeling that is now also sold at the street corners.
Will remain so or not, I can not say this to me is just a word to listen to us, just accept, not to hide the flow, which conceals the truth and the solution, always.

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