giovedì 30 giugno 2011

Awareness of the new millennium

Traits were told a path of life, summed up in words, where the mirror never lies. It would be easy to understand its true value, between words and visions, everything is uncertain, unreal, perhaps the mystery of the millennium has not changed, remains unchanged.Everything is the variant that man decides, abandonment of what was beginning in him, and then look it up again driven by the profound disagreement that life makes you understand ...
Nothing has changed in the interiority of our experience, could not change what had been conceived in us, we made it dull, to try what everyone saw it as a full-blown arrival. The power being above the events, live in the control room, a dream come true, everything is ours and nobody should judge him, we sweat, we get huge pitting to be number one, this was the evolution of the mind that has brought this experience to the extreme, not to hear and not what we think we are in ourselves, our true essence.Speaking of awareness of the new millennium, is nothing but twisted look at this evolution, which leads to a total illusion, but it highlights only and always, when events put people under pressure and all in the mind and made appearances in the fall . This is not a rarity, or an exception, it would be easy to talk about exceptions to date, is not a real sense of what life has to offer as well as external touch and the image we want.If everything is correct proportion, but when the gradients are created, where you are at the center complete with a frantic search of a destination, cancels completely out of touch with your soul, you are matter and mind, you are clever, sharp, smart, all become appropriate adjectives, but there is also the one hand, the relationships become less and less true, just heard, we show how acts and mechanized surface, where the greatest expression of love as a feeling is experienced as a right, where there is a free feeling of two people but only one dominant.To say that I think is beautiful or not as a thing that is obvious. Aware that advances and spreads there 'always a little too extreme and the duality of things, and only touching the extremes can have a full opening to life.
Everything can not change and remains unchanged, becomes a mere always be alone in themselves and look for more and more satisfaction. The question of whether we want to call it, arises if all this construction falls, because you find yourself completely caught by an inner knowing, it becomes like being in a boat that floats, but no oars and no longer driven by any current , falling because you do not have energy, stimulation and has been closed, because not used to get carried away, from what exists in us, the true awareness that life would be ignored and despised right now, but if you do not stay locked heard nell'involucro of our soul.
awareness is in this sense is to understand and accept to be led to a newfound sense of life, and it is not always easy, because even as you are completely destroyed inside, there is still a piece of mind, pride, and until There are last to fall, there is no version that takes, fell too, then everything happens. Pride is man's struggle in the den of lions and how the last breath that we exhale in the change of mind trying to find the materials el'egocentrismo soul that shows its radiance, to make us understand what in us is really important and that has no limits, because the soul is the essence of solid contact with the divine and the universe keeps us in this great life, the rest is a trivial appearance that falls with a breath of wind.
The awareness of the new millennium is an antithesis of what will be, many now reject this view, because it remains a well-known not want to believe what exists beyond, we are too tied to what we have in our outward appearance is for us all , lives on the pretext that this is always attached to life, which they say has done so, then I am and I have, everything is lying without knowing it, and we all can be useful for us, no one denies that money is not a servant or that joke is useless, have no ambitions of stimuli and this is wrong, but as is always the unknown that we will live.
This is a deal not want the intimate essence that lives in us, then we expose ourselves become too fragmented, where everything you want and pretend, but in fact you only get one hand, and always, there 'who can not be satisfied , do not judge the thing I would say, there 'who is increasingly sad as the soul, but in the end is a sharp mind, there are many variants that determine the individuals who live and suffer in their shallowness and asking for help, asking the way will lead to deeper understanding of self, the search for knowledge that the soul becomes essential, but this is not a question that may have an answer to lighten the improvement or the real and found happiness and inner peace, no answer is to have this, the road is the only way, where questions are absent and because nothing, if we accept the challenge and want to find ourselves and free ourselves from that which haunts us, or that has slowly degraded our life, we must accept and understand as the essence of deep, what's to come to show, will not be changed, because in this case us is soul, the soul is eternal forever.
This is a foretaste of what has long wanted to write but not a post, but something that was more fully what? Fate will tell her to take an advance that is now changing. That's not to a shift in the fortunes of mankind, and will remain just a mystery that takes shape in my heart and hands to write a little time.It will simply be a new journey that will run through my thoughts and my writing that has long been aware of the soul has already been stated in the blog, but in this case will be a trace in a logical series of topics that make up the awareness that we c 'is.
Will write a simple pull over without wanting to existing philosophies and concepts previously reported, also because in the absurdity of my being a person who exposes her to feel free, there is no reason that push me to say what many have already said. There are similarities in the exposure, but this is logical and obvious, because the thought toward an awareness and towards the "light", can not be different in its entirety, are different routes and different thoughts, but as a crossroads to several branches lead to the same concept or to the same result. Analyze themes as love, friendship, spirituality, and everything that exists in our internal image. is the only way to regain what we have without many words, but not that often we lose touch and feel. What happens? Simple! I think many people are now lost and are sticking to the wire to see who they are and what they want, see the "light", and the way that true happiness. This will be a simple as telling a whole is falling and no one is born, to meet again beautiful and bright as if time had never laid hands on us.
It will be a simple exhibit which will take shape soon, for now this is an advance that I felt I wanted to dedicate to all those who until now have been reading the blog. And I want to take this opportunity to thank dedicating this to them.
A hug.

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