giovedì 30 giugno 2011

The diamond that shines

In us there, what in nature shines its light, malleable only by himself, Diamond that radiates light, and has value ..All have their value and shine, all are modifiable by other human beings, will not be what you are, but what you have unconsciously learned to make yourself heard and Matt ...
Simple words that tell of the wisdom of others exposed, and everything becomes everything belongs sharing, but it remains opaque object, the copy reproduced words that do not prosper and not harm, imagined that grows between hopes and expectations, which is not supported if you do not exhibit the extreme theories, too bad I would say if I had created the world!, But I am and remain a particle irreverent and subtle, made up of my thoughts and personal matter and that nothing should be so, free will to read ...
Diamond shines in us who we are exposing our simple nature, flaws and strengths, appearance, everything is included, but in the end only if we shine in what is our true nature, in which case no point in talking to expose who we are, the our arguments and ideas, all they see in their silence, what they want to see. Life often is this the only way to accept it, it remains true that not all application, but that there will be no rules except that, if the thought of others becomes opaque projection that we will come to the rebellion this is wrong, but is unavoidable We are human and as such an action is a reaction.
What then happens is the result of a series of developments, aimed at bringing to the outside impose our light, it becomes disperse our shine, we real diamonds shining souls, we have fallen into the trap. To be and not belonging, is the phrase to remember, we know who we are and we should not show it, but talk we must not impose our thoughts, we leave that everything flows, everything goes as it should, so the light will never end. So there will always be someone who will test, there will always be situations that will put our experience to trip, it is normal evidence of a newspaper that is not linear, we are unique and spenders, shining souls of the way that we accept the consequences. Everything lives in a space where what happens is simple understanding, processing and acceptance processes that do not affect our shine, and we know no one and nothing is opacified. There will be moments where the sadness in us, we belong to the pain. Life, life, life, like a mantra in my mind that eliminates the recurring thought that deceives, we know that will not break what about us, not what will not make us shine. And if we fall, and then say, no harm, "I do not know what life teaches us," a phrase that remains simple and understandable, free thinking and free interpretation. People will see this, I say and I repeat it, but should never be our pride and not a disappointment, envy going on in life that are just too many, though a humble person understand his way and will shine like a diamond, can decide whether to expose or be over, if you will expose more people to put in a position to rise and not fall to us and our words. Why this? One will wonder, humility shines and who does the pedantic is always opaque, intrinsic desire that feeds the ego protagonist. Everything will be all day, no matter, one step at a time and the time is stopped, this is my simple thought.
At the end of a diamond that shines is to accept that these conditions are not deprivation, but simple and natural to listen to the soul in its depths is teaching us, free listening remains as free is the life I want for everyone.

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