martedì 21 giugno 2011

the sphere

Admire the crystal ball that shines, fragile and delicate ....Aspire to is a mystery that fascinated his knowledge, read a lot about her, foretold the future, and had roles will always ..
The ball resembles life, shows us that in imagination, beautiful to think about this, almost a dream of the forms of our essence that we can see, a thought that remains fascinating to hear that the core is our center, the inner soul where everything is the essence of truth that we, the center that maximizes contact with the divine universe. Inside us is immense spaces and has no boundaries, it is pure and communicates with the outside through a narrow issue that crosses all, the heart is its truest scents, emotions he feels in his true identity, he does not deny. Admission is total, it will be absurd, but my idea is, perhaps imaginary, perhaps true, but the beauty of life is to have ideas like these, and maybe you feel free, there are books to read, there is nothing, just an idea one has ..
The exterior of the sphere is the area of ​​contact with the outside world, are the objectivity of life, the mind that thinks and processes for better or for worse, with its strengths and its flaws, but remains in contact with the necessary ' outside we have. Many describe several versions of the human being in its purest essence define the self, the self, the ego, sometimes looking back to a narrow definition of the thing, I found myself immersed in countless versions, perhaps too complicated or too reviewable Everything is nice if you read it, but eventually over time, and I imagined in my little life to be a simple fact of a few things, soul, heart and mind.
In my dream this was a sphere shiny and fragile, like life itself, in the end it was nice to think that, simply, without words to be examined to find the definition, perhaps it will be a personal illusion or magic thinking, but what remains of this is the emotion you feel in telling exposed a thought, an intimate and almost shameful secret!
Besides, everything in my vision is a connection that comes from outside of the ball inside, then vice versa, an energy discharge that propagates continuously, I will not say what it is always better to be on the outside of the sphere or live out the unique core simply say that I am listening, for me are two different perceptions, and very separate, perhaps some will be different and why not! Maybe this will be an idiot, okay! But what remains is to expose it, simply expose themselves and say what the innermost thoughts decides, in the flow of words that gives the night ...
This is a story out of the box, but why always be in the scheme at the end, everyone will have an idea of ​​himself as a whole, so I often wonder, then talk to many people and hear about thousands of ideas, I say beautiful , wonderful, because this is perhaps true freedom as personal identification, which does not count in the telling facts, but has the general idea we have of something that is ours is ours and we can not forget it!
For me it will be a sphere, perhaps another will be a spiral, but then again in this subtle tell between illusion and dream, it's nice to understand what there is in us, no matter what form or name is, it's nice understanding and willing to tell.
"In the end everything is listening and I'm waiting to understand all of what I feel, is for me a way ..."Between a crystal ball and a veiled fantasy, which is reason alone to hear the good stories that any knowledge ..

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