lunedì 6 giugno 2011

Universal love

Everyone talks about love, feeling that living things toghether, where the purity radiates everybody, this is the universal love, this is the vision I have of life, which does not give a condition does not place anything, and do not decide nothing in this to give us evolves, feeling that he does not believe in mischief and in fiction, what one hears is in addition to all ...
Many like me, describing this universal love, as a way infinite, I do not read about or not fully live it as a personal and intimate friendship, strange description, I write, but it's more real that I feel, give this feeling of purity to the next, no sex, color, race and all that separates and is separated from the inner minds who see the limits, this is a give-blind, where an issue and does not ask, she makes her caress that touches anyone who arrives without , arrives as an embrace that holds you, me, all at the same time, this is not the time limit is absent, no day and night, there '.
I always hear tell, and often, those needs are, how many ask for love, but am often put in terms that, to me in my little, did not state if you have to give universal love is totally estranged from the end, the end is injury and prelude, as a love where betrayal is already under way, but in practice if not in thought. This universal love gifts, and you do in your little, it's pure, does not have this, it has requested, she can hear and see a stream where the joys of others, will you feel happy, that happiness does not expand nothing is simple in your heart, giving back is always there, but the feeling is not a description that can be done. It 'something that is born and when you get established and the understanding of what you're doing, giving the feeling, the return is already in you, is not described because it has no description, it's a great feeling, that words must not be found.
The items are not always necessary to describe what one can prove, in the beauty of life, there is a story you can write and everyone can interpret in the same manner and at the same time, this also applies to the feeling you have when is the return of what you do, give you universal love simply associated all'inifinito. In the infinite there is no end, beginning or walls, such as the understanding this is a once in a lifetime experience to make a gesture that comes from the heart and hear what happens ...

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