lunedì 13 giugno 2011

The force

It is not the mass that drives your life, the wind is not running, it's nothing you can see, nothing that'll never, everybody talks about, full of themselves, but the result is a story of dust that will spread to the poles of breaths world ..
The force remains the bully, that humanity has turned to the imposition of his creed, believing that it remains just a mass of fools that hang from a cord injured, they all toghether in order to feel more, all sold at the market price of illusions.They all feel that energy, that force remains a moment, it runs as fast as the excitement that happens, no one shines in this case, traces of sand on a pass that no one will remember. All feel strong, when the speaker highlights, but in the end, it remains a mass, separated, never really united, current living and then are deleted, this is the search after a voice call to the office once again. Nobody ever admit what everyone sees, never, never say a word, the spark ignites the soul, because it affects only an inconvenient truth, better smile from the clouds and listens ..
The real power remains in the shadows, does not occur to the mass, a mass that is alive everywhere, no one sees and no one takes to the streets, are the souls of love, in life people have understood themselves and aware, alike, and many are not screaming, but they do listen, but everywhere are united, are in addition to all shine in the sky, do not use the power of taxation. Their look is the signal that does not place barriers and constraints, do not lose and can not lose, not fads or riots of a belief and a moment of anything that is induced by others, are only mass "in a number of , all and none, one and infinity. "
In them we discover, the trilogy of life coming back, heart, soul, mind, is the synergy, a harmonious circle, joining the force and issues that no one can stop one or all of the same thing, did not form , has no color, no space, there is always the time.
One will always say that this does not happen, it will say just because it was in denying that, he feels the only belong to the form, you feel strong only in the mass cheering, louder than words, which shows, if only ten people scream and contradict the will fall victim to his devotion and feel wounded ego that has raised so far.Other people are gone from the speech that he wants to deny, and scream at all costs, are impenetrable, nothing can do this, their root is stable, see and understand, and are united in the universal thought, this is what happens, There are also moments that are found, they will be ten, but a hundred thousand, ten bodies that are amplified to infinity, giving what is real good, understand it is not unusual when you hit the bottom of life, and only in ask your illusions of hope, the friends of a time there will be, will be sidelined, or deluded by words sterile and a pat on the shoulder will be what remains of what you looked like the perfect and true, all your fellow I'll make you feel the burden of loneliness and more obscure. At the end you will understand and will you come to the point of no return, where the truth is suffering, but that leads to the change that people toghether in the shadow of immense light, continue to give hope to the world, you will be lost, but you take the path with humility, you will be free from dogma and unstructured wrong with qualse six lived, you'll learn a lot and hear yourself like never before, in return you what you lost, it will be hard but you do, no one falls from before that. Then you will be part of it a true force, energy is transformed and not to cancel anything or anyone, you are free and you'll see that around you there are wonderful people, filled with words that ask for nothing, but you will not listen to exalt without saying we will and we will do, everything will have been in today and always will be part of the smaller number who once thought, but feel the power of "one hundred and no one," you have reached understanding and this will be a gift in you will forever.
You will be silent in the circle that gives universal love, you'll see the great illusion that thought to transform into light the path that the world is yours, you never know what else is loneliness and unhappiness, this will be a memory that will live with a smile, giving yourself with your unique strengths, what you have today between the lines.

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