giovedì 16 giugno 2011

The mind is neutral

To choke tears were swollen rivers as a burden of pain that brings you into the darkness ...Thoughts, voices were incessant, the storm of sand that covers everything ...Dead eyes were the negation of what you see now ..Curved appearance crushing weight you do not want more, live hoping that everything changes, people will listen if you do not ....
The mind is the connection that carries everything in life, we are in contact and we can not do without it, we would be free only if everything was imagined to be dominated in the dream, but even there we would be using the mind, too many moments take us with you. We would like to turn off the fears, the pain and not feel the weight of what the circumstances of first place, but all that remains is to decide what to do, always run after the wish that the time to soothe this state is formed, but time is not is still a friend, all you can accumulate and become unmanageable, we lose the awareness and the energy center off slowly as a cloud of millions of miles from earth, now we are out of contact; we have to decide: and hope remains, or begin a journey made meditation, where we're going to touch the mind that neutral is between the two minds that we have, negative and positive.
When we are strong scents of the illness, has created an imbalance between the two minds and we are in possession of a solution, medicine causal in us there 'and should not be purchased, but applied to meditate is to clean and realign the balance between them (positive and negative), becomes causal because thought is not extinguished in the moment we practice, there is a high and everything is clear in mind, let it flow and have no fear, no fear need at this moment, we are doing the right thing and what emerges is what haunts us, but we are aware at the time that this becomes apparent. The practice leads quickly to eliminate this and feel the neutrality of the moment, we improvised and we feel the contact with ourselves and the universe, ever closer. We're coming to the well-being that meditation brings, give all the meditations and act on the various problems that we are not in place of a physician, but are significant in aid we can apply to restore a balance.
Meditation puts the person in a deep contact with itself, you find yourself in a sense, it is extraordinary to say the least, it remains true that the first experiences bring to mind the thoughts that live in our subconscious, but it is necessary to understand what is wrong, the pursuit leads to a wonderful feeling, where everything is neutral and pure, it always starts with just a few minutes to familiarize yourself, then you get to do it for 11 minutes, and this extends even beyond, on what we're doing and what we're working on.
The techniques of meditation are always something to learn from a master of any discipline that covers it, for at least a correct start, then quickly we can also decide that we do meditation, then will it be just a set of such requirements Our research is based meditation, understanding that all work on the mind neutral. Also because we are unique individuals and never the same, then the meditation must be appropriate to us and our needs. If carried out properly and continuously give always, this is a matter of fact, true that every person is free to think as an individual to serve or not, but I speak what I practice and as a student of what I can only say that it is a feeling and well-being to try everything I buy and improvements in our lives are fast, but only if you believe in this you can get to have a mind neutral and meditative mind also that they will touch the divine in you.
That goes on to describe a general and not an explicit way to meditate, this is appropriate because of the logic that provides for such disciplines, which are never to be underestimated, but should be, if desired known and practiced, partly because the words do not give justice to what, I'm just telling personal experiences that have nothing to do with the total number of individuals, is still evident here and expound on my behalf, that after practicing and practicing this hour, shows a very noticeable improvement in me, that makes me decide to share this and other cases, to make known albeit it brief. This way I choose to expose my private and personal experience is given by an idea which has matured over time through the people who read the blog, thanks to them this has become focused on writing a personal experience that leads to the vision of thing in any way not affected by external intent, and also because I express my simple opinion today, many people are looking for in a personal way of sharing things that interest them and this is because every fact reported no interest of convenience, gives a simple Exposure of an experience and creates an interest. This interest will come and I hope, then grown individually, because everything said with the motto: "if you do get" in my view often leads to a lack of interest or a practice that has no continuity, then. But it should be noted, that doing so has no limit and get more practice as this is the final consideration that affixes.
I always thank the teachers of all disciplines.

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