giovedì 30 giugno 2011

The day will

The eyes are crossed, eyes to scrutinize what the soul wants, no one among many and in a magical world stops time, two lovers in the crowd, not words, but already love it ..
Too many people to fill that stadium, concert music with the sound to invade the hearts of the fans, the lights go out is now the beginning of the show. Silence for a moment, to create smoke coming out of the atmosphere, lights begin to glow and the melody breaks the silence, the crowd roaring start in its sound that exposes the joy of the event. All spaces and neighbors stood, all focused on the notes that they are listening, singing in the song that they hear many, many live the excitement dancing, looks like a normal moment of happiness, but this does not exclude a love that is about to be born.
He, like many young, in his exaltation of the moment and feels like to be observed, subtle perception, in the midst of that event, he turns around and does not understand that strange feeling, perhaps imaginary, but pushed as a drive that does not bridle his research. Twists and turns, rises and jumps, amongst all those people, you see ...Eyes that look, a petite girl, beautiful, sweet and penetrating gaze, is no contact between them. Everything becomes silent for a moment, there is no one, the space between them is absent and with an eye have already said everything. Absurd to think of him, that which pervades his mind-thousandth of a second, then stay in contact, like a magnet that can not break away from that look that attracts the magnet, she is far away, incited the crowd is now full and the instant the absence of everything is back to the reality of the show. His heart beats fast guy, knows he must reach it, the thought is not unique and the girl as a symbiosis brain feels the same. Moving madness now! Folly to go against that mass of people crowded, but nothing holds back what should have been, that no eye contact feel, there is the sense of the forces received and there is no 'deafening noise that everyone wants.
Start a slow sway through the crowd, the two boys are moving, slow and tiring, but the eyes are in a communication to all this raises, step by step, the distances are shorter, pushes the crowd, but they are driven by a force that is beyond what the body is opposed by the masses that flock. Steps and steps yet, now they are close, they both stop .. Wonderful moment, who wants to be contemplated, even by a small distance, steps and steps, are close and never been away.
Now they are facing each other, there are words that should be wasted in the crowd, the hands have the first contact, sweet and light, touch and feel what the eyes had already told, nothing is absurd, the time is magic, a day that will come.The show is not yet finished, the hands remain in contact, but they are absent in the crowd, you observe and try to continue to live the concert, but this leaves them increasingly. There are hearts waiting for the end of all that surrounds them, time passes and the concert has just ended and the curtain falls and all lights in the stadium, people begin their procession to go away. Them, those two guys, who like a spell are met are firm and do not move, now they are just words and have not yet been said, perhaps for the moment neither of them wants to interrupt the beauty of the thing. It 's time to go and they also step by step, hand in hand leaving the show now over.
The day will come, will their magic, live for now that the end is not looking for that moment is beautiful and sweet, everything else can wait now. The night is still full and the moon smiles you young lovers, who at that time are placing their never-ending dream, there is no thought of tomorrow, this is now and do not want to spend all this. What you will find out a little at a time, in what the eyes have already told their distance.

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