martedì 21 giugno 2011

What I do not tell

Do not tell those fears that you feel, words in mind, the silence between you and us, fear of misunderstanding that the world calls, echo that reflects the false, but that is deaf, you will not ever be one instant, you will be with us what you want, now reaches ....
Shelters in the mountains, trees and snow cover are the scream of your pain, you have fears that limit in place. Escaped from the city, which noise posed to hearing your fragile, now live in total silence. But imagination is what you had in you has remained, hidden in your inner essence, you would not tell the world the fear that bordered between imagination and reality, you're right, the misunderstanding is total, but it is not always what you think.
Write this letter one day, you speak, say what you did not want to say in time you were with us, words that will no longer afraid, no one will read, until you'll be ready to pitch. The beginning is tremor in the hand holding the pen, read the package and do not know, if you do it or not, the words in the mind are too early you do not find, do not be afraid, the story begins in the night dreaming of your brakes , and the nightmare will do it now and you will see it in its naked reality, admire what he fears and anxieties put you, for you will see that in the end are just words, nothing more.
Write now, everything that I never said to anyone, understand the facts, you're not alone, you're with us that we have seen from above, now that you've started, you see how easy it is, what hours and hours writing you did not want to say, all you hear is not annulled, but now you do before the junction, the apex of the ripe fruit that you have to say stop to grasp what you are doing wrong. One thing led to another, the book lives are taking. See, simple is what is in you, is there, words just words. What do the words Possoni fear the end, are compositions made of vowels and consonants that come together and form always just words, you are exposing your own painful feeling that slow is fading ..
Hours reread what you wrote is true that you spoke and what a voice you did not want him, no matter now, what was it in the past, your present living now, the mountain where you are is just a hide away. Reread and reread those words, with a smile that you see are words that do evil, but who have reason and falsehood, take the beauty of what you've written now and dance alone, you feel the first step and done. One after another the way you're taking, unwitting or not, time is and remains the guardian of light that will show you.
Now back with us again, nothing has changed since then, you will hear our voices and tell you that you re-read what has been, no longer feel my throat tighten, you will be free. You now walk and back, a hug will be all the words you hear and feel your pain that you hid hidden, subtle and violent, mind, and deception that takes its toll does not tell you why. Do not get more demand, because you do not need these questions now, in you reread what you have on paper sealed, the answer is what you see now that you're back among us. Everything will be a new beginning, I feel strong in you and we with you we are one, all one, we were always far and near.
Heart and soul ... ..

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