mercoledì 1 giugno 2011

In the silence

In the silence I live my everything, words that I will not say that you want to hear and feel ...
I do not say that I will not say who I am, nothing belongs to me, in a word everything that did not ..
I will not be understood, he understood, did not seek and do not want it, my silence is my freedom.
I do not seek and find, anime and pains, do not tell, and this will be pain, the mind wants the answers,
all is deception.
I will say I love you once and never again, those words always deceive always, my silence will be demonstration of the soul that belongs ..
In the silence I'll be anywhere, in the past and future, always and only in this, the essence is everywhere, did not and will not, and does not seek
does not see, in the silence I will give you only what ..
Tell who they are and nothing else, my smile will say, what you do not want to hear, what you know, what we do not admit it, the
day accepted, all we like, but not friends,
like, free, aware, I will be happy then.
In my silence I did what my heart says, the soul is in my humble and I will remain silent, anything I try and I'll try anything in me
there ', what I wanted, silence, peace, my newfound awareness of my soul.
Everything you wanted does not happen, what happens I have not tried, is to me by chance, everything is the case, nothing is real ..
I tried and nothing I saw, I found, I stopped and everything is clear, limpid, pure, that this would be if I were expressing words to say?
Nothing like nothing to nothing, absolutely nel'oscurità where fears are silent, but not for me, I have understood everything, I do not want
understand, I want to be quite unconsciously, I still remember that it was enveloped by, research that led me to nothing, the journey without
think it was only instinct, a gift that I live without end, tell the strange, strange to say this, strange and mysterious
fascinating not know what will. Do not have goals, but only way, in this I'm free, forever and always will be, I walk
Without speaking a word I left, walking toward what I do not recognize, if not in the shadows that light does
glimpse, but they are not in doubt today, and never, I walk in silence and leave the words to those who want to say, I listen to everything and
nothing, everyone and anyone, I'm listening to myself that much and I had to say I have ignored for years, now remains only one thing,
I live ....

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