giovedì 30 giugno 2011


Experience the terror that we put on a pedestal, a desire that all of our resemblance, being weak leads to compassion, will turn the world around us, but we will never be happy, happiness will always be overwhelmed by fear of the truth, which remains hidden, as a reminder that we cancel, and that we no longer find in the book of memories, memories exhausted, in all that you want to see the next to be similar in unison ...
Freedom means the end of the scream, fear is a concept not a reality that lives within us always, shows its full strength and we live in unhappiness, would tell the other way too, we will look dazed, who wants to be happy today?, Everyone, but everyone swim against the tide.
In the morning ask the question you'll hear today? You answer this question? I do not know, letting go is simple, the mind is to see the deception, which fills the ego of the attention we want, not want the hand of others, we do not want to compromise, and we remain attached to what it is, we are at the mercy events that would hide what really.
Now, the infinite want, want your happiness, fear is not constant juncture, we decide it must be the constant that we share too many, no one wants to isolation, which shows in her smile without a reason, should not be always a reason to say that we will or we will not be, we are. Happy, happy shall we be if we decide that this is in us, there always was, Let us experience it more.
Everything is not for everyone, this does not belong to everyone, but too many moments we spend to feel the tears that wet clothes in the chest, this is normal, maybe ....Normal is that one day is a day, 24 hours, where we see the diamond that shines its light, and not afraid to say and not to be instant and constant, we are all human and fear is a sign that the mind negative places us as a wake-up call, said to be intuitive to what happens, it says that is the whole, this is misrepresenting someone falls, hands to comfort waits, waits, but the solution is instant, we used to breed be in need of all, we all need in life, but not to be raised to our nature, we are beautiful, perfect, but we are weak to the adverse conditions that put us on their knees, in us there is a cure, the way in people remains the vehicle, through, not the solution.
"Free thinking always, the merits of a thought itself," which I speak, do not impose listening, everything is a stream of my feelings, I would say that the life, air and land in all, I story ...
Arriving as always exposed to conclude this thought, is the reflection that every free person can do, to decide whether to be happy and live it as a mantra in the morning puts in us the way, is a habit that starts and who goes, it seems incredible to say, but if you decide in the morning that happiness is within us, she lives in us and manifests itself, is not an abandonment of hope is the thing, then there will be tough moments, but she will always be in us. Or decide to stay what we are leaves in the wind, weeping and looking for a solution to our happiness, research and research of miracles, but miracles are within us, not in words and things, are vehicles, but if we need comes the desire, the true nature of being the one that we are being happy and joyful, but if this is taken and you think that everything that surrounds us and only do what we must do, we are still unhappy, there will be moments of happiness, but it will be induced and not lasting.
The stimuli used to understand and to hope that they do not solve what we have to solve, easy to think that as the sun rises every day, so we that we are part of this universe we are happy every day, there are eclipses, there is night, but always shine like a sun in our happiness.

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