sabato 16 luglio 2011

The touch of life

Are you on the edge of a moment, where everything is unreal, alive without being present in the breath ...
Your hands are empty, the look and feel the heat mirage, almost sank. Are you alone, close your eyes and heaven awaits ..The vision of time gets you where you were at one time, than ever rememberest. Traveling in your property that you feel the touch of life has been as of now, the deprivation for you.Woman who lives by what he has, you have lived a thousand lives and never remember. But to this moment you are alone and would like hands warm, sincere love to rebuild what once was the hope, but time seems to have you denied. Now his eyes closed and hands are tight and everything is wonderful, you are where everything is bright, look and see the splendor.
Do not understand the heat that comes in you and not see anyone you're shaking hands that have always sought. This does not stop your steps, turn and look, you are now where everything is destroyed and the pain is nothing. The words that hurt your soul no longer echo the silence is absolute. Clothes do not watch you, and you're like nature creates in you there 'embarrassed now. One step at a time and your move takes you to the sight of a lake, you stop and look at your reflection. The bright eyes are open and the view of yourself reflected expands into a smile that did not have time, too much bitterness in his face darkening. Dip your hands to feel the water and the feeling is real, it is cold and clear, pure, you can drink. The savor and freshness seems to rejuvenate the lifeblood that flows in you.
Now you're walking up and return to see plants and trees, I see a fruit and caught him, instinct is the sweetest nectar in sampling and the palate has ever heard. You are intoxicated, your senses are perceptual and feel the life in you like a mighty river rushing through your veins, look up to heaven, is bright. Everything is light, everything is white, whiteness of the celestial paradise you want.
Now that you've always dreamed of six in the eternal, you are at home.
Life offers you a gift, that you have read. Do not you think you have closed your eyes and you get in life. 're At the edge, where everything seems huge dissolved, where everything makes you no, but you have ceased to live, love life.Now you've heard for a moment what will be, no future that does not sentences, but promises to you that you will live a life. Among thousands who have already experienced that and no memories, only this this and remember it. It will be your time, where the past, today you do not belong anymore. Now you know what will happen.
Re-open eyes and smile now. Life does not give you much today, but hope is alive and still feel in my veins the river flow. See the light again and not lose it now. Have you reviewed your home and this will be the path of hope is made. Nothing scares and nothing falls now, time will tell more about yourself, always in the universe where the soul is immortal.

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