sabato 30 luglio 2011

the Merchant

Heads or tails, the bet ..
Too easy to toss the coin you want to barter, the end is the game of chance.
Simple, too simple,
if everything in the fate of two sides of a single coin ..
The merchant can not see, you saw it, but you are not interested. His merchandise was banal and as such have continued in your do.What matter of goods, if you do not have to purchase, on say, behind this there is a mystery, which is often not reported.The merchant is thin, does not always have forms, you buy and not know it, your redemption is the later, often too late to escape. Were auction where everything was for sale, say it is not true! Recounted a tale so he can start, and you'll understand ...
Every day you've longed for desire, with envy, deadly sin, you were not conscious, it is true. You have simply eluded the top and you've tried walking, running. You are now the height of yourself and the merchant is watching you, you are rare and valuable, do not know, but he is.All you have climbed, you have contempt for those below that you aim for, scoffs and praises are to sell you as a father to the prodigal son that caresses.Inside, it is within you, the hypocrisy is sovereign, and even more laughs. The sell the fake and he is a human being like you. But now you're blind, you're feeling well, got six gold and steel.The merchant knows, you shine but you're weak, he expects the auction at your fall, and he failed with two breaths you buy and stay in redemption, that life will show you ..
Who is this then you say, you still do not understand ...
The day comes that everything falls, you sought, called involuntary because believe you're right, the proof of life will come, when no one is ever in the prank itself and flaunts it all. The merchant, is very true, is not faithful to itself, it seems unfair, he decides you're worth the price that the market of souls ...
Who is he now, just you, the same merchant. Live in the compromise between truth and pride, humility and hypocrisy, all but cancel the fall, that can wait, because you are not untouchable.When you fall into the abyss of the mind and pain, you auction yourself. Are you a merchant who has bought the gear that you praised, now change to redemption, you can not buy, barter, and even share, you auction and only you you can buy ..
Remember ..
Once the batter has three strikes you're the auction closes, and as such your purchase, you're an inanimate object, your appearance is emptied, but fear not, then everybody can change, but this is priceless if you do not change. Its value is timeless and you who are still a subject of your bargain, enhances the possibility that you were once the auction was only six, but it is not always so ...
Now you understand.
What we are all equal in life, is a value that you can not define, remember and embrace life, altruism. It costs nothing and giving merchants are not only real men and women who have no price, but with an interior value is not quantifiable.
This is the parable of an ordinary day, to anyone, in any place where a person thinks he has a higher value to someone, but that ultimately is just an object of himself that can be sold at any time.
Life is long and certainties are not written, but they are illusions of the mind that is the merchant that awaits us ...

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