giovedì 21 luglio 2011

Live in the truth

Nothing will be afraid of the truth in your thinking, will radiate all of what you will, nobody will feel your alone in this .. Wrap the people who will be next to you, afraid to try, afraid in the first experience, but then everything will change and feel the beauty of your freedom, it will be immense rejoice with you forever, always laugh, and everyone will admire ....
In the night you thought how many times you have been given the lie, not deserved, was not right and it happened well. You've thought and thought, you have suffered and brought resentment, anger grew and then exploded. In the end you got nothing, you fall into the trap that the mind made you. The challenge similar to that made you lie, like the one that put you at the fake.
The provocation was great, but if you were in truth you would have said just now, not brooding and repressed and then explode, you would have beamed with a smile and he would be astonished.
This is the simple tale of what happens, but there are too many streets where everything is questioned, and we remain caught in this. Difficult or easy, it's never impossible to live in truth. It 'just put in a position to become untouchable and no one who gives in front of a truth that is exposed can strike. You can do screaming and in other ways, but we do not doubt he was born a grudge. We remain pure and clean, and we radiate infinitely bright, beautiful, feel right and this is as a transparent barrier that makes us feel good.People will be brought before a notice of where there are several ways, if not admitted or remain silent, this is real. You can try it as a meditation for 40 days, the effects are real, but it was not accepted and acceptable to this awareness. It can not and should not be a self belief. It would be an illusion that would fall, as they fall all lies designed to hurt.Accept and live in truth are backing tracks, putting deep roots with time. No feelings or moments of transition, the liberation that is in living that is very strong. Almost like finding a smile without knowing why an apparent, but it includes listening to, well, we are freed from subservience to deny and having to explain, often in life that are told and repeated as a dowry.I do not think talent is staying to listen when something is said or done to us is not correct, but as said before there should be a time step in the response. We are aware, we are in truth! The answer that in truth we must be spontaneous and instantaneous. Do not let's not forget this is instinct. And 'the true awareness that leads to us to be truthful and if we are, we need to develop a thought likely to say they think as you, or do not think like you. We are calm and respond in truth we have in us. This action will happen and we will be in a peaceful and joyful in doing so, and all I can find one who will feel the grip give this response. It may be in disagreement with this, but we do not touch it. We are in truth, great! If we believe in the truth of life, the reactions are nothing to us. Not lead to change our serenity and even less to a posthumous thoughts.
We have also made a mistake in giving a reply, it happens and will happen. But if you live in the truth, there is pride and ask for forgiveness from the heart is a gesture that we do, we will not have the resentment of the thing. Nothing turns off a smile in the truth, and nothing brings more joy in this life. You do not need to be prophetic in life, but humble and true and the result is always a good living and not surviving.

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