sabato 16 luglio 2011

no one forgets

No one forgets, the life that is reborn from a smile given, you do not know who we are, you do not see the face, but you feel that you are and do what the heart does not hide. Will you do that and you will never regret this and no one forgets that in the future to exist, the rest is arriving end of time ..
Then we shall say the end of this world that created us. We will to break what had been intended, and no one can dispense with the inevitable that awaits us. Maybe it will be crazy or maybe truth, the word that lives in the night is hatred and anger, no one forgets this now or ever. We are guilty or not, I do not judge what I see and feel. We all know that and we are all called to say what was not, when will it happen? Responses will be time when we understand who we are and what we are doing.
The wait will seem like a search for the way back, but back is a word that must be understood in its very root. Basically nothing is certain in an uncertain we seek. Telling an apparent end is a simple mean an end to what we are trying to exclude. It will not be the end that will put to rest the thought that grows more and more. We hate all, too many divisions and too many boundaries, too many gaps and too little feeling imposed foam.
Sentiment towards the infinite line which everything is created and everything multiplies in life. We are born into a feeling we will see a feeling and do what was unthinkable. All are witnesses, and everyone wants a change, really wanted to or not. Will remain the mystery that exists in the world, it remains just a moment the point of impact and communicate the impact I mean that you are changing and not what we see distorted runs in the mechanism.
You may think that a person is short, but this will not be the problem where you will have to think about the solution, one is the principle that no one forgets that a person in her small will describe his vision that this will grow in love and live to tell an end to this life that wants to move against the trend.
One is the infinite, if the gift of awareness of what happens will speak. Words to donate what I have in him that he understood and transmit indefinitely. Remains what it now appears, will be to say that human beings in their consciousness, to say the end to the suffering of life.
No one is just against everything, sustain and you will be held in the midst of all that seems against. You will be the light of hope. Multiply your will, and you do it in the gift of grace to be repeated in perpetuity your say. Impressed with the words and put silence for reflection, this is the future ..
No one forgets, forgetting why you hide from what we all complain about their lot and I do not find that the result of a pain, which is now global. But the global love, life, happiness, not what priviamoci radiates the aura of our existence. We spread a thought and we will be eternal in this world, we will not be because the margin is not known, the important role that we have. We will not change the fate of the world, but we will be a part of what you want to go against this and we will have a role. No one can say ...
No one can understand until they begin to spread life and not the "disease" that is spreading increasingly. Disease of life that excludes the path of peace and that no one should accept and live. Life is nothing, we are what we will be few or many, but we will be strong in the name of spreading the message of universal love and light through the darkness that surrounds today and this does not belong to what we are, not now and ever.

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