giovedì 7 luglio 2011


The energy spreads, you are receptive and do not know to explain what is happening, heat that penetrates to the heart from his back, feeling a contact you want, and exposure of your heart, calling, screaming, wants to tell the truth, not all can repress, you live and feel, do not ask questions, are you that you're speaking from your inner being ..
Feelings of a contact that is not apparent, perhaps fantasy or reality? Remains free and staff try to be penetrated by an energy that spreads, if it happens, everything can be, there are situations that do not give a reason, energy flowing within us, contacts without a touch, a feeling of freedom and peace that are transmitted from one person to another. If not, nothing is ever the case, when your tired and unhappy living this appears, you're calling unconsciously, imperceptible hiss that comes, then decides the fate.
It can not happen and nothing remains in your pain, it may happen that this will turn into a chance meeting where they hear thy words, where your underwear is exposed, but not by you but by the one who came in contact with you by If, out of nowhere ...
Do not know and do not ask, what are the questions directly if you find the answers. It seems an illusion, but just because you have not tried as an individual and remain skeptical, lawful and natural, but if it happens, everything changes. It is a miracle and not illusion, but a fact of deep contact energies, those that make us and our universe, this is a feeling that you can also try a tantric circle, I try and feel the energy entering and six projected to infinity and there are words and thoughts, but ecstatic, exalted being, peace and freedom.
The transmit this seems an absurd fantasy, but it remains to prove something that does not understand but you have to live it, in you the feeling is strong and full, feel and touch the energy of a substance up to the point that exposes the soul. You are in the circle and the flow is contact at a distance, and we are the primary energy source in our essence we have a field eletromagnetico: receptor that amplifies the body, but not transmitting it, the sensations of the body but also within us is the very essence of the receptive stage that touches and expands.Many will wonder where does this fantasy, if you want to talk about fantasy, but it remains a truth that not everyone can look upon unproven. Imagination is more, it remains a static one to think only what the eye sees and touches the hand in addition to this there is much more to discover, if the mind becomes meditative everything changes, if living becomes aware everything is different and when the heart and soul are in the contact end and the mind is silent, this happens: optimal points are vital in us and their balance is a source of energy.
Those who try this find within himself the answers he seeks for some time and feels the person is in contact with him / her, alive and almost formless. I can say that this is not a factor but not an illusion to ask to be believed, all live in freedom and this is a fixed point of understanding and decide, if the actual appearance remains unproven, but if we are aware we accept the benefit of the doubt that can be said and can not be.
Do not draw conclusions appropriate to a trial in advance, then who does it is free again, but if this happens then the thinking changes, the extreme sensations come and live what we do not believe, is in addition to the common thinking is beyond what a 'emotion gives.
It 'a light to see what many people seek and find, but this is a signal that should be used to initiate a search even more complex, that leads to where we want to reach and remains a vehicle that appears to us and that has no merit, we we ended up by coming to the merit that we solve the riddle that torments us.

No one should ever feel abandoned if the heart truly lives. The soul calls and someone answers ... We are in contact with the infinite is the path that has no limits and everything always reach.

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