mercoledì 20 luglio 2011


Love me for who I am, maybe not perfect you wanted, maybe my face does not live in the smile ..In me is love and if you want you'll stay in my heart.
The weather made us know in the world running, I Viven young person without anything special in the enchantment of dreams and you beautiful woman was the queen of my visions. I could never imagine to be something for you, maybe you're unreachable, everything is far away now.
The songs were reflections of the young in his heart, the image of the woman had entered him. It had been a mere vision in the fringes of life that flowed slowly, but he had noticed she had been frozen by the look, cold and penetrating. Distances in his feelings that seem obvious, she had turned to him, she was golden-winged butterfly that settled and grew closer.
He, the young man was left to look for the nights away, all he wanted was a contact and his heart was full of love for her. Every match in its randomness it seemed that the moment of contact, there were signs and words, but he lived in love and it was full of hope. Feeling the love that pervades the senses, everything is bright and seeing the woman he loves and knows, that she wears the scent intoxicates the senses, music in mind as the awakening of spring with its blooms.
Too many times in the thought that he painted this heavenly romance and a little courage to manifest. He wanted a gesture, never happened, he would like all the signal and instead was the mystery woman to make it different.
Unwavering in his dream, obstinate in his fears, he thought that if she would ever say a word addressed to him. Storm that lit in him questions, questions and supplementary questions and the heart was swollen with love, words you think, what they sing odes to the purity of the young would have given at that moment of contact. But all that stood in the thought that flew in the borderline between dream el'ardire the mysterious woman.
On the day that was to mark the summer now that the door was hot to feel his warmth, he in his usual afternoon, I meet the woman who had dreamed so much. A meeting was different, there was not the place or the crowd noise, were in a park. Trees to cool the hot day, and shadows to give an almost magical figures, a light breeze was blowing the charm. She sat on a bench, smiling as he had never seen it, sweet heart as if he knew he wanted to manifest itself, it results, in my mind was empty of the thousands of words he had thought over time, the forces did not seem to be there, but was walking towards her and this was the moment I was not in thought but was driven by love. Arrival in front of her, heart pounding, his throat was choking on the words he would say, I stare in the face of the woman with a smile that lights the sun that seemed to radiate from that point. Everything was light and everything was magic.
You look at him and said with a sweet look: - love me for who I am, love me for what you have heard, love me and not you yourself -. He had thought of everything that I do not find anything, I simply love unrequited, and so did the demand that he take his word. It was no longer time for talk between him and himself, was the time that his heart spoke, and his heart had already spoken without him had ever heard. The woman had heard of the mystery or perhaps remain a mystery ..
The end of her words put him to make the gesture and embrace her, hugged her and she sank to this, he had heard and seen the purity of love, not with words and flattery but of the heart, feeling that reaches all and the voice that makes all that noise is not penetrating the substrate. This had been, but as in all fairy tales of love the time had their say, the perfect moment that no one can ask but that fate does happen Arcanum love that lives within us.The stain

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