mercoledì 20 luglio 2011

The path of the soul

The roads are not always outlined in that we will see with eyes of research. The way the soul is everywhere and touches everything we are and we have a ways off: is the chain of life that shines in us get to this are passages where the heart is all in all ..
It used to be called thoughts exposed, simple soul who writes exhibitions. There was arrogance and pretension in the hand that exposed the free-thinking. But everything changes and therefore must always be the best action we have taken at the beginning. This is my gesture of my way to my path led me to my soul awareness. Since the path is not an end but a beginning and never had to happen eventually change, but gives little sense of my writing in a different way.
The thought is exposed from the heart and the heart will always speak to a heart that will listen, but the path will be displayed in the name of the soul. The soul has no voice now more than ever, say thought is nice, but the way the soul is what I feel inside, and now this change was the desire to say that Pansa is human, but is not present but only a logical and simply listening to what in my opinion, as you often find a sense of truth, much more deep and full.
The way the soul is born from a 'soul, nothing is conceived by a mind that processes, to express themselves and tell must be a freedom that lives beyond the mind of the deception that often moves in our instinctive actions. In the end we instinct but we are also intellect, and in my life we ​​see the souls. We bring out depth, and often this happens because for too long has been the world to determine who we are and what we do with us. It seems right and maybe it is. I am in my life I simply following the rules of life are also right, but often live in the restriction rules. That puts us right in and I do not speak and do not enjoy what we really are. Say enough is still the way to have freedom, where rules are less pressing as the soul and the heart to take their voice to say in depth and immensity that there is life in us.
I believe in what they say and write, is my deep spirituality which today has led me to write this, not to express what I claim but to say that there is in me and I want to always share:
Love life and life to all, eternal in the eternal joy that you must live every moment is made of you and you will be everything in the universe that belongs to you. You will see the way if you are humble and aware of the soul and everything will happen, the right to life is everything and the right to happiness is his imperative. Be in love and live it forever, will fall discomfort at times, but the path is made of obstacles put to the test devon. Must teach the connection between us and the infinite, which will give life and to accept the new world, that we will create the awareness with whom we have close to us, we will open the doors to the total change, and with him we will create the tree in flower will manifest in all its splendor.
This is the way you say my heart was exposed and defining a thought indeed, but it's my way and as such speaks of the soul that was in me to give a thought to those who until now I have read and supported in this way without end. Where you have not left anyone behind, the world may forget in its immensity, I and others like me who live in the street, do not forget anyone give love and ask nothing and expect smiles and say the word other, because no one is alone and how the path that many have shown in this and all appeared in its immensity.
Forgetting belongs to those who escaped in life and this does not lead to anything, remember and give leads to the smile that you'll be happy and this is total in its size that does not ever fill spaces that may contain rules and ideas. The way the soul is to give love in its universal truth. It can not be understood and shared, everything is ok and everything is accepted. It remains true that, as you do not accept those who feel that there lives and find hope, and this makes all equal in life.
Freedom belongs to everyone,
love is certain,
soul would be in the way each of us ... ..
The world and the universe is a witness to the absolute truth of all this.

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