giovedì 7 luglio 2011

the way

They tell of this road, not described and not marked, the road that lives in the collective imagination, beauty and light that appear, and you are at the height of your inner self, but this exists? It will tell what they feel the existence of a path that is not the end but a beginning.
Life is to live on and this is the beginning, the rest live in a small thought, like time, is a surface and we are always confined to the will of the memory. It is the memory that indelibly marks and will follow you, makes you rejoice and weep, still nice to have a memory of the past, it is said that those who do not remember the past can not have a future, is essentially a kernel of truth, but remains the rule and the rules are and will always be hardships of our inner growth. Outwardly, there must be rules, because the world would fall victim to the folly of some who have in the past have been able to appeal to the collective, with ideals and spirit of aggregations acts to his will, a subtle game to deceive people in this high and they felt together, but unconscious only be part of manic self-absorption, where the chief proponent of the ideal was the center, was and remained his life for himself and not for others, who aware seeds victims and closely monitor their life to it. At the end there is nothing left of what was behind this because there was a man or a woman land and not in contact with the divine in them called the end of what the devious minds imposed, and total lack of listening History is full of such tragedies.
We can not forget, but we should avoid it in us, to find the way, the coveted and shiny that everything changes and improves. Ask the question of why, it remains legitimate, but why spend exciting in the doubts that change brings, we want certainty, we realize, but the way is not matter and you can be sure of one thing that does not touch and is not visible This is the essential reason for evading the past if not totally, but at least in part, also because the thinking of the past leads to the future, to hope and desire that all happen. If we remain in this concept or idea, nothing will change, we will be victims of ourselves, we will not see today, not ever we shall rejoice, we will always use us thoughts of thoughts and questions of questions, answers, why not listen, even if dates on the thing, we would like to accept only what the mind has imposed on us and we will be blinded by this, our deep aromas will close and we will be increasingly isolated in ourselves.
The circumvention of this event remains to be free and live a simple one that exists in us, a throw away that melancholy which accompanies us more and stop those drives fantastic projection of the apparent happiness, that we think of a better future to raise moments. But they are, and remain, not infinite moments and this is one thing to understand immediately, not after, free to decide says: If you decide to do it now, and stay in what the soul said, she is the first item you together with the heart, the mind will not master the instrument and of yourself.
Now the question arise that you say, but this did not explain how to make this change in practice, to arrive at "away", the explanation is allowing the abandonment of thought and listens to the path that will lead to this, can be a single answer, in a complex journey through the consciousness of the new millennium, but there will be the vehicle to hear and take it, but it will slow you arrive, everything that lives in a hurry is a last and not the "way" is not in time is an endless impromptu, which is taken once and is never broken. Aspire to and ask questions is to give space to the mind and this makes us what we're trying to escape now and not tomorrow ...
The road is the beginning, therefore, to examine this is to acknowledge the nth degree, second, we are really willing to accept not knowing where we really take or suppose that it is better? This is the only real question to ask, because remember what I had once taken the "way" becomes a return to the past and the past should not now be caught and heard, but must be set aside only to be seen like a photograph that will be indelibly remembered, but that will not affect what we're doing, and will not put the same vision towards the future. If you answer the question to be placed at the totality of its acceptance, you will be aware of what is to happen, and be, you have said a partial end to the life that was and he hugged yourself as never before, felt the thrill of risk and not thought about me. Accepting this is the first step, but the road is still stuck in you, you're part of it and you're not the one who walks, you say, but still nothing happens! But nothing happens if you thought he searches for a signal, it must be said.
If you have accepted the real risk is and whether they have accepted it without, but do not put the limit of the questions that are trivial truths and search for a response, which are useless now, live it for what it is now, the mystery is nice when it happens and says, the most entrancing is the surprise you've ever tried, and this must be yours, if you have the heart and soul willing to risk! If you agreed with the curious mind, you have only tried the "way", but that of comfortable, convenient and simple and there is nothing in this, because it is a touch extreme in its entirety and surrender to it, and then be part of a stream and live it.
Now you will say, again and again not to have understood this and I really just want to tell the "way"? Here it is abandoned and not think, read and listen to enter the flow of speech, if your heart feels what I feel I'll soon see, but does not bring the question of time, you know that time does not exist in this and know that I am not the absolute truth, but only through an experience that I want to donate.There is a free acceptance and this is the step that if you want you can do, the way is bright, but it is so mysterious that many people crave, but not really ambirla, this will not allow him never ever to be in you, because you live in our deepest self and once we are free from mental patterns, they say, and prepare questions and answers on, and bring out all the ambitions and fears mentally distorted and complex that we always used to have. There are no excuses on if it does not, not I, not I, and I do not understand, no limit and the limit should not be there, the risk as mentioned above, should not include these words which should not include the ' ambition, it must be true and humble, always try to see it that way.If you can avoid those questions in an instant and mental instincts, feel a serenity in you strong, that calls and calls without your noticing the EIA, and the purity of not thinking you are creating is amplified more and more in trying to do and "she" is close to you more and when you least expect it you're already in it.
The journey is long and not short to arrive at what you want, but you have to be left unresolved the fate that arises, is the frame of mind that you must avoid in order to feel the way you describe it is an abstract logic, but for those who lives, it would be foolish to say there it is! Would you say always, but for me nothing happens, so everything is connected to a following of abandonment, that does not mean not exist, means understanding that you live in your true and total truth and this is another essential tool to hear it in the way you make yourself to be aware and happy. But you have to follow and be free from bias and free from comment, if you can do, you'll see happen, as has always happened. Think one thing and think of it deeply, the pain comes looking for her and the pain is because of this research is a new way to regenerate and find themselves in, so you do not have much to lose now, if you know that the pain in you is alive and feel, want to leave and this will happen, as all the wonderful things you have to be patient and understand you and accept what I said, your decision will remain and will remain your arrival. But once you are full and everything will look different.

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